About The Client

For more than 125 years, John Boos & Co. has been the leading manufacturer of all-natural hardwood Boos Block cutting boards for both home and professional use. John Boos & Co. also manufactures stainless steel commercial food service equipment and kitchen countertops. Their brand is driven by pride in craftsmanship, continuous product innovation, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Client Challenge

John Boos was searching for a manufacturing marketing agency when they engaged Timmermann Group to elevate their brand through social media marketing. Their previous social media efforts lacked clarity and purpose, so we needed to create a strategic social media campaign that both increased brand awareness and reinforced the iconic nature of the Boos Block brand.

How TG Helped

Brand Discovery

We began our partnership with an in-depth brand discovery process in which we uncovered the unique qualities of the John Boos & Co. brand and its products, analyzed the competitive landscape, and developed their brand image and value proposition.

User Personas

Our team then identified multiple target audiences for John Boos & Co. products, and developed user personas for each. We explored the goals, motivations, frustrations, and triggers that impact each user persona to help guide our social media strategy.

Goals & KPIs

We worked closely with our client to establish goals and KPIs so that we could track and measure the campaign’s performance over time, and make informed decisions about how to optimize the campaign going forward. These metrics included not just fans and followers, but also website traffic, aided conversions and return on investment.

Strategic Messaging

We then drew upon our brand and competitive research, user personas development, and expertise in social media marketing best practices to create compelling content with strategic intent. Each piece of content has been crafted to address a need, concern, or desire of a specific audience, and to elicit a response or action from them.

Outreach & Partnerships

In addition to creating and posting organic and paid social media content, our team has also actively sought out and developed strategic partnerships with professional chefs, food bloggers and social media influencers, and related brands to further elevate John Boos & Co.and build a true online community. We also regularly invite users to submit their own content, further deepening their emotional connections with the brand.

The Results

Our social media marketing efforts for John Boos & Co. have exponentially grown their social media followings, increased brand awareness and brand equity, and properly positioned them as the leader in their industry. Utilizing stunning product photography we engage in visual storytelling, backed by sound marketing strategy, to position John Boos & Co. for the next 125 years of success.

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