Maxcess International

Maxcess International is an industry-leading supplier of the world’s best web handling tools from the world’s best web handling brands, offering the most precise and advanced end-to-end solutions for customers around the globe. Maxcess has united these leading brands and products, and team members with unparalleled application knowledge, to provide customers with solutions that help them work better, faster and smarter.


Maxcess’s acquisition of another titan in the web-handing space, RotoMetrics, triggered a need to reevaluate and redesign their current ecommerce website to fold in RotoMetrics and make their current site redundant. In doing so, they needed a website that could not only compete with the performance of the current RotoMetrics site, but also improve customer access and KPIs for all of their brands. The new website also marked the beginning of new efforts to further unite and consolidate all of the brands under the Maxcess umbrella, communicating the scope of the products and services Maxcess provides with its unmatched presence in the industry.


Creating the new Maxcess site was a large undertaking on a tight schedule, but making sure our teams defined how we would approach every aspect of the site’s design, content, performance and optimization at the start of the project ensured that we delivered a website worthy of the brand and their team, and right on schedule. By partnering with a manufacturing marketing agency and the changes in strategy and improvements we implemented in the new site, Maxcess has already seen tremendous growth in their site’s traffic, rankings, conversions and other key metrics for the site’s performance.

How TG Helped

  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Ecommerce Functionality
  • User Experience
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Post-launch Amplification Efforts

RotoMetrics SEO Strategy

We knew from the start of this project that we needed to develop a competitive, comprehensive and strategic SEO plan that would allow the new Maxcess site to absorb the RotoMetrics site’s content and, in the transition, minimize any decreases in the rankings that the RotoMetrics site had previously attained. With the inevitable content consolidation and restructuring required to incorporate the RotoMetrics brand underneath the Maxcess umbrella, we had to carefully plan out which key brand and industry terms were the most important to retain for RotoMetrics. This strategy also required a comprehensive 301 redirect matrix to ensure that all the relevant URLs from the RotoMetrics site would redirect to the proper pages on the new Maxcess website, making sure we channeled the domain power from the previous site into the new one.

Maxcess SEO Strategy

Our redesign of the new Maxcess website was an opportunity to optimize the site for search terms across all its brands, not just RotoMetrics. Our goal, in addition to retaining SEO success we’d generated for the RotoMetrics site over the years, was to be able to spawn similar results for Maxcess and its other brands. We applied a strategy similar to the one we defined for the RotoMetrics brand and utilized it across the Maxcess site and its other brand pages and subpages, identifying ideal keyword targets for brands, product categories and select products. In addition to our keyword research, we knew that our redesign would include essential restructuring and development techniques to help the site reach new standards for technical SEO compliance.

Content Strategy

The site needed a strong content strategy to support our SEO goals and communicate brand messaging the Maxcess team felt the current site failed to do. With the acquisition of RotoMetrics, Maxcess was focused on promoting the brand as a one-stop shop for web-handling solutions, converting current customers of the various subbrands, as well as potential new customers, into customers of the Maxcess brand as a whole. The new content strategy needed to highlight the individual brands, capturing their existing customer audiences and demonstrating each brand’s individual power, but also ensure that there were relevant opportunities for cross-selling across all of the Maxcess brands. We also wanted to design these brand channels in a way that could easily accommodate any future additions to the Maxcess portfolio, from new product lines to entire brand acquisitions.

Ecommerce Functionality

Adding and integrating existing ecommerce platforms was another important consideration for the new site. Both Maxcess and RotoMetrics have their own existing ecommerce portals with growing product catalogues. We decided to develop the new website in WooCommerce, with a plan to slowly integrate direct ecommerce purchasing as it became available across the different Maxcess brands. This way, the site’s product catalogue wouldn’t have to be rebuilt soon after the brand was ready to launch full ecommerce purchasing.

In building out the product catalogue, it was also important to allow customers to compare and view related products across Maxcess brands, a function that was lacking on their previous site, ensuring the communication of Maxcess’s end-to-end product offerings and developing additional brand relationships with customers.

User Experience

When building a site with this many different components, designing the right user experience is key. We had a number of different audiences and goals for those audiences, and it was crucial that we design a site that was easily accessible to any of these pivotal users. Current and prospective customers needed to be able to navigate easily to specific brands and products, access product resources, order and reorder products or request service. The site is easy to navigate for users who aren’t as familiar with Maxcess or its subbrands, so new users can quickly educate themselves on Maxcess’s offerings.


Our copywriters were tasked with writing the new non-product copy for the site, focusing on communicating the new essential messaging points for the Maxcess brand. It was important to the Maxcess team that the website function as both an informational resource for clients and a functioning sales tool for prospective clients.

Language Versions

Maxcess is a brand with a large international presence, so making the website available in select languages in addition to English was important. Previously, different language versions of the site were part of different subdirectories, which created a lot of duplicate content, a messy content management system and technical SEO issues. For the new site, we eliminated the duplicate domains and made sure the different language versions could function as seamless extensions, integrating important tools and plugins into the new site that would allow new language versions to be added.

Social Media Strategy

With the launch of the new site, we wanted to make sure we developed a dynamic social media strategy. One of our strategic efforts involved integrating a retargeting plan into the new website in order to retain the social media audience we’d built for RotoMetrics and capture the rest of the Maxcess audience. We knew social media would be an essential tool for sharing the new site with users and making sure they were aware of the new functionalities that would elevate their experience with the brand.

Post-launch Amplification Efforts

Leading up to the launch of the new website, we initiated ongoing retainer projects for SEO, PPC, strategy and creative. These continued efforts ensure that we can closely monitor the site’s performance and make any ongoing adjustments or additions to the site to improve SEO or other strategic aspects of performance.