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Marketing to homeowners requires a specific touch and, more importantly, a specific understanding of a few key pathways homeowners utilize to find the service providers they need. As a digital marketing agency with proven success, Timmermann Group has the knowledge necessary to apply both to strategies for your business.

Broader than industry-specific considerations, the core of home services marketing isn’t that different from marketing for other business models. Regardless of your home services or prospective customers, great marketing that generates results relies on understanding your business’s specific value and knowing how to best share it with prospective customers, and that’s what the team at Timmermann Group does for a broad range of clients every day.

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Our Home Services Marketing Experience

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A clearer understanding of home services digital marketing and the specific considerations of the industry is important to have, regardless of who your agency partner is. Knowing your audience, their buying triggers, the sales cycles and entry points and how those translate to specific marketing services is essential to establishing goals and developing the necessary strategies to achieve those goals.

Home services digital marketing is the process of promoting your company’s services to your customer base. Most home services industries, be it landscaping, roofing, HVAC, electricians or plumbing, are highly competitive, so you need to make sure that your home services marketing plan is strategically structured to deliver your home services company messaging, including your value proposition, customer service and unique selling proposition so that when the time comes for a homeowner to make a buying decision, they contact you and not your competitors.

The rapid growth of digital media has forever changed the way that effective home services marketing is conducted. It is no longer a sound business strategy to rely on customer referrals and word of mouth to generate enough qualified leads to keep your crews at capacity. Today you need to incorporate a variety of digital marketing tactics into your overall home services marketing strategy. Included among these is your company website, search marketing efforts including local search optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing which should include video.

In some cases, homeowners are reaching out to home services businesses because they have a specific need, such as looking for a plumber due to a leaking pipe, or for an HVAC company because their air conditioner can’t seem to keep the home cool enough. In other cases, homeowners are seeking an ongoing relationship, such as a landscaping company that can keep their lawn looking great all year long. Either way, a major concern that all homeowners have when seeking a home services partner is trust. People want to feel secure and confident that the home services company they hire and allow into their home can be counted on to do the work properly, efficiently, with great customer service, and for a fair price. In this digital age, consumers generally first go online to conduct research to find home service companies that can help them. How your home services business is portrayed online may very well determine whether you receive the opportunity to bid on, and ultimately win, their business–or whether you’re never even invited to the party.

This online vetting process usually begins with your website. Having a quality website for your business is no longer optional; in today’s business environment it is an absolute must. Your home services website design should immediately establish your company’s level of professionalism and expertise; if it doesn’t, you just missed out on that lead. Make sure you work with a professional website design agency to build a website that positions your business as a market leader among home service companies and that makes it easy and intuitive for users to find the information they are looking for, and to ultimately contact you for assistance.

Another way to establish trust with potential customers is through a dedicated content marketing plan for your home services business. Content marketing can include things like regular blog posts, email newsletters, social media marketing, and video production. Content marketing is a great tool to impact your overall home services marketing plan because it allows you to showcase your firm’s knowledge and expertise. For example, you may choose to write blog posts that each addresses a common question or concern that homeowners have. In the home services sector, video is an impactful way to answer questions and build credibility. YouTube has become the second most popular search engine in the world for a reason: many people greatly prefer to watch a video than to read when seeking a solution or answer to their question. Relatively short videos, each focused on a specific question or concern, not only demonstrate thought leadership and build trust with your target market, they also allow you to showcase your company’s people and personality. This type of human connection can really aid your efforts to build rapport with homeowners so that they contact you for help.

Social media marketing and email newsletters should be considered for your home services marketing strategy. Both tactics provide great opportunities to create and distribute valuable, relevant content to highly targeted audiences and build brand awareness. For example, you might send an email newsletter to previous customers with a special offer if they sign up for a new service. On social media, you have the ability to target homeowners with specific demographic and lifestyle characteristics who live within designated geography that matches your company’s service area–or that targets new geography to which you would like to expand your services. Both channels are good options to showcase recently completed projects through case studies and customer testimonials, both of which are powerful means of overcoming any concerns prospects might have about your business.

Of course, creating incredible content only gets you so far. You also need to make sure that your home services business is being found online. To do this, you should include a robust marketing program for search engines that includes search engine optimization, search engine marketing and local search optimization. Making sure that your company appears in the search engine results gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors when it comes to generating new business leads. Search marketing, combined with the type of content marketing described above, is the most surefire way to grow your business through online home services digital marketing.

Marketing is important in the home services industry because, as mentioned above, today’s homeowners are going online to seek solutions to their needs. They may still also ask for referrals from friends and family, but even then they will check out your company website and social media pages before calling or completing a contact form. Your company’s online presence will either put the homeowner at ease or cause them to cross you off their list of options. A crucial piece of your digital presence is online customer reviews and testimonials. Make sure that every member of your team is asking your satisfied customers to leave reviews about their great experience with your company on Google, on social media, and on online directory sites. These recommendations from other satisfied customers are powerful social proof that yours is a company that can be trusted and counted on to deliver results.

Another key reason why home services marketing is important is that many times, consumers are in need of help because of an urgent, perhaps even an emergency situation. So when they go online to find a company that can help, your digital presence needs to not just establish your credibility, but also make it easy for homeowners to contact you. Your website serves as your company’s 24-hour salesperson, so make sure that it’s easy to complete a contact form, click to call (including an emergency hotline number if available), and perhaps offer an online chat feature to provide customer service so that they select your firm to help them. Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly is also important, as many people will be searching from their smartphone either at home or at work. If they struggle to view your website on their phone or tablet, they’ll leave and click on a competitor site instead.

Digital marketing strategies offer a multitude of options that should be considered for any home services marketing effort. Digital marketing campaigns allow you to demonstrate your company’s expertise as home service professionals, build trust with homeowners, and showcase why you are the best option to solve their problems. It also helps ensure that your business is found by the right people at the right time so that you never miss out on another qualified lead. Make digital the cornerstone of your home services marketing to maximize lead generation and revenue, and return on investment.