Humanizing Your Brand

As long as humans have been in existence, in some fashion, comedy has been around. Comedic entertainment is a way to ignore reality for short time, and indulge in intrigue, laughter, and unity. Sure, comedy is subjective, just as all forms of art are. But when it is done correctly, comedy can engender a feeling of laughter, resulting in a release of endorphins, relaxation of the body, a boost for the immune system, and stress relief.

Stand-up comedians performing at comedy clubs, and television sitcoms are two of the oldest and most common forms of humor. But, with the introduction of social media marketing, the comedy industry was disrupted, and significantly changed. Social networks gave people the ability to develop a “stage presence,” and present their comedic content in a public space- with a massive audience. On top of that, their content can be liked, shared, and read by individuals outside of their social circles.

How can this be useful in business?

When developing a marketing strategy, social media is a channel that easily provides the opportunity to get companies in front of new audiences. Articles, blog posts, industry news, and even funny memes, can be used every day to increase brand awareness on social media. So, how are you supposed to know what to post?

Use the 5:3:2 rule.

This rule provides a template to follow regarding social sharing, to be confident you’re getting the right balance. For every 10 posts:

  • 5 should be content from other sources that are relevant to your audience, otherwise known as curation.
  • 3 should be content you’ve created that is relevant to your audience, called creation.
  • 2 should be personal, fun content that humanizes your brand to your audience, referred to as humanization.

Concentrating on the 2 humanization posts, which are too often forgotten, companies have an opportunity to connect with larger, diverse markets. Scroll through your personal social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. It is more likely than not that you scrolled by a post, that has nothing to do with your personal interest, career, or hobbies, but you still stopped scrolling and laughed at that baby goat doing parkour on other baby goats. Why?

Laughter is a universal language, and one of our first communication methods.

Laughter forms a sense of unity through groups, and humor allows you to showcase the more relatable, human side of your brand, which increases your company’s morale. When we see something funny or unexpected, it immediately captures our attention, which helps you stand out from the digital “noise.” When attention is grabbed, potential audiences open themselves up to be influenced and ultimately associate good feelings with your brand.

Entertaining content is one of the reasons people follow particular brands or individuals online. Let’s look at Charmin for example. Why would consumers follow a toilet paper company on twitter? Well, they’re pretty clever with the potty-puns, and interacting with everyday consumers using their hashtags #CharminAsks and #TweetFromTheSeat. Charmin turned to humor to promote a product that is not commonly discussed between users, by defining their voice and personality and making people laugh about common bathroom experiences.


Although Charmin goes the whole nine yards, there is a fine line between funny and obnoxious. Audiences like to be entertained, not pitched. The key is assuring the humor is appropriate to both the product and the customer. Even if the content doesn’t directly relate back to your brand, the message can still tie back to your brand identity in tone and delivery.

It’s your time to make a move.

Jumping on the comedy bandwagon of social sharing can be intimidating, but also an opportunity missed if not utilized. If you’re always playing it safe on social media, you might be taking an even bigger risk: IRRELEVANCE.

Your team at Timmermann Group knows what marketing content works, and what doesn’t work, from years of experience. We’re pretty funny people too.

If you need guidance in creating engaging, humorous, and memorable content, we want to hear from you. Get in touch with us to hire a professional, who UNDERSTANDS social media, to run your accounts. We’re here to help!