Rob Timmermann

Meet Rob TG's Founder

Rob Timmermann has been a leader in the digital marketing industry for more than twenty years. In that time, he has learned that there is a right way to approach digital marketing, and there is a wrong way. Rob believes that, properly executed, digital marketing shouldn’t be viewed simply as a necessary line-item expense but rather as a smart investment that will help your company achieve its business goals and objectives. As a business owner himself, he understands the importance of being able to measure the results of a marketing campaign, and to tie them back to sales and return on investment.

Rob passionately believes in continued growth and education, both personally and professionally. He regularly recommends blogs, podcasts, and books to both TG team members and to clients, and he has been known to spend many a Friday night studying the latest trends in SEO. He also regularly shares his knowledge through the TG blog and his social media accounts. His constant desire to improve processes and optimize performance, and to never accept ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’ as an excuse for lackluster results, makes his an influential, dynamic voice in the industry.