SEO for CEOs

Every CEO Wants to Rank

Pretty much every CEO I talk to wants to rank on the first page of Google. Without fail, this request is one of the first things that a CEO will say to me at a meeting about their goals.

What I’ve found is that not only do they want to rank, they want to rank for pretty much every keyword combination they can imagine. Whether it is their company name, their personal brand, a specific product or service their company offers, or an obscure combination of locations and industry jargon; they want to own the results. I can very much relate to that.

However, ranking well on Google has more to offer than just reaping the rewards from being on the infamous first page of search results when your customers enter keywords into a search engine. There are also other factors that come into play.

What Are Those Factors?

One of those factors is beating your competition in ranking. Most CEOs are fierce competitors. They have a fire inside them that makes them wake up every day and want to crush the competition in every way possible and organically ranking on Google is one of them. You’re not the only one asking how to organically rank on Google. Your competition is asking the same thing and they want to destroy you in the process. Don’t let them.

The second factor is what I call the “trophy factor.” This is when you want to rank because you enjoy seeing your name at the top of the search. It’s the simple thrill of making it on one of the most powerful lists on the Internet.

Finally, the most important factor of ranking, the opportunities you are missing out on if you are not.

How Do You Make A Website Rank?

The way to make a website rank is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the science behind making a website rank on a search engine.

I have developed an extreme passion for SEO for over the last ten years. I started out with the same inquisitive fire that all the CEOs I talk to have. I just took it a step further. One day I committed to figuring out how to get myself on that front page for all the keyword combinations I could image and I never looked back.

Since then, I have ranked many clients on the first page of Google. I have had clients return from the brink of closing their doors to dominate their niche because of SEO. I have had clients find their largest customer because of SEO. I had clients who were local small businesses become national businesses through SEO. I had a client win an eight million dollar contract from SEO.

The opportunity is there because whether you are on the first page or not, many people are searching for your products and services every day. They just don’t know about you yet. In fact, I am certain we can qualify these people as “new business” because if they already knew your name, they would have just contacted you directly.

The bottom line is, if you are not ranking, you are missing every one of these new business opportunities.

What Happens When A Website Ranks Well?

What happens when you rank is that you have the opportunity of gaining a lead that can ultimately turn into a new business sale. Google ensures that a link to your website with a specifically crafted call to action is showing up in the line of sight of potential customers. Not just potential customers, but people that are searching for your type of product or service, right now, in a place that you have decided to be.

Let’s compare this scenario to cold calling in order to better understand the value of SEO. For cold calling techniques to work as well as SEO, your sales team would have to have the foresight to call the correct prospect at the exact time they are looking to buy. Furthermore, the prospect would have to choose to accept the cold call and hear your sales pitch instead of sending you to voicemail.

As you can imagine this would be nearly impossible to accomplish.

What Is Required To Keep A Site Ranking Well In Search?

You need to be committed to SEO because the rankings will not happen overnight. Ranking a website requires several steps. First, preparing your website for ranking, which is called on-page optimization. Then, building links of authority to your website and sending strong social media signals or off-page optimization. Neither of these steps is easy, as this all needs to appear natural and not intentionally manufactured, to Google.

The SEO company you choose will also need to pay close attention to your competition. They will have to perform the work that is required to catch up to your competitor’s domain authority, causing your website to rise in rankings. Then, they will also need to perform the required work to outperform the competition, causing your website to rank above your competitors. Depending on the keyword phrases you choose and the efforts of your competitors this can take several weeks or several months.

Most companies stop their SEO efforts after the first few months because they are not on the first page yet. Simply put, when you stop SEO, your competitors gain a further lead on your website. This is because they have an SEO company that is still doing the required work to stay at the top of the search engines, while you have quit. This is why so many first page rankings seldom drop.

If you stick with SEO, the benefits are endless. Realistically, 90% of the links that people click are on the first page of Google and the higher up on the first page you get, the higher the ratio of clicks you will receive. You certainly don’t want to miss out on that.

A CEO who is committed to SEO will reap the rankings and the massive rewards that come from it.

Reach out to me if you would like to discuss what your keywords are, where they actually are ranking on different devices, and what must be performed to improve those rankings.