8 Keywords You Forgot to SEO

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, “staying ahead” means leaving no stone unturned—especially when it comes to optimizing your content for search engines. Sure, you spent a few hours diligently crafting your SEO strategy, but chances are there are a few keywords that got overlooked.

1. Brand Name Searches

Your brand name is your digital identity, and people are searching for it. But are you optimizing for all variations of your brand name? From abbreviations to misspellings, ensuring your content captures every nuance of your brand goes a long way toward enhancing visibility in search results.

2. Product Categories

Re-designing your website? Don’t overlook the drop-down menu, It’s an easy way to amplify market presence with broad, highly-searched product keywords. Optimizing for specific categories like “running shoes” instead of “footwear” or “cloud-based project management software” instead of “Microsoft Office Suite” can attract a more diverse audience.

3. Product Sub Categories

Delve deeper into your product offerings by optimizing for sub-categories. Whether it’s “Track & Field Running Shoes” or “Enterprise Data Migration Services,” catering to niche audiences with detailed content helps drive targeted traffic and, in return, conversions.

4. Service Areas

Local SEO can work wonders for your business, targeting specific regions or communities in your service area. Optimize your content to include cities, neighborhoods, or regions near your business. Why? It helps enhance your visibility in local search results and attract customers in your vicinity.

5. Company Name Questions

Addressing common queries related to your company can instill confidence and trust among potential customers. Incorporate FAQs and blog posts that answer questions like “Is [Company Name] legit?” to reassure and inform your audience.

6. Company Name Reviews

Reviews are social proof of your credibility and customer satisfaction. Create a dedicated page to showcase customer testimonials and reviews, and optimize it with your company name to amplify its visibility in search results.

7. CEO’s Name

A visionary leader is the backbone of a successful company. Failing to optimize for your CEO’s name deprives potential customers of a deeper understanding of your company’s principles and beliefs. Showcase achievements, interviews, podcasts, or press releases to cultivate trust and authenticity with your customer base.

8. Trade Show Names

Participating in industry-specific trade shows is commendable, but maximizing your online presence alongside is imperative. Optimize your content with the names of trade shows you attend or sponsor to capture the attention of audiences interested in your industry’s latest developments.

Time to Transform Your SEO Strategy? 

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