Should You Improve or Redesign Your Website?

Websites are integral to the success of any modern business as they give clients insight into your business and are, at times, a gateway to revenue through online purchases. Unfortunately, it is difficult for most businesses or individuals to know when to improve or redesign their existing websites.

Either through your own analysis or with the help of an experienced web design company like the Timmermann Group, you can determine when it may be time for a website update or a complete redesign of your existing website.

When to Make Website Improvements

There are several ways your existing site may be less than perfect. Conducting audits will help indicate when it may be time for improvements. Below are the most common indications you’re due for a website update.

When Content is Outdated

Content is a crucial part of any website, and outdated content can turn customers off from your business, no longer translating clicks into revenue. Updating content on your existing site could be as simple as a list of products or services being incorrect or even photos that appear very outdated. Taking the time to update your content regularly will help your business avoid obsolescence and may put off the need to redesign the site.

Broken Citations or Missing Business Information

Mistakes are common in any industry, and website design is no different. Whenever you notice your website is missing some information, whether it was an oversight when building or you’ve since added more to your offerings, updating is easier than rebuilding the site as it is more affordable and less time-consuming.

There’s a Bug in the Code

Bugs or viruses are some of the reasons some sites act abnormally. A bug in the code could cause something as simple as incorrect text formatting or lead to more problematic issues such as a website that frequently crashes, or cause security breaches that can compromise user information. However, having a specialist with technical knowledge scan the site for any potential bug can remedy the situation.

When to Redesign Your Website

Updating a website is great in the short term, but having to perform constant updates is unsustainable and will put you behind your competitors. Sometimes it is better to make the difficult decision and opt for a complete website redesign. Below are some of the reasons to start from scratch and redesign your website.

Your Website is Not Mobile Optimized

The global popularity of smartphones has necessitated businesses to optimize their websites for mobile users. Unfortunately, search engines prioritize mobile-optimized sites, meaning your business has minimal to zero chance of showing up organically in a user’s search. If users navigate to your site manually on their smartphones, you’ll end up likely seeing a decrease in conversions and an increase in bounce rate as users will be frustrated and look elsewhere for what they need.

Your Business Has Undergone a Brand Evolution

Evolutions are normal in the business environment, and it is only natural for your website to be redesigned in order to reflect that rebranding. While it’s important that all aspects of your business be updated to your new branding, a website redesign should be a priority as that is the gateway for a large number of new and existing customers.

Website Themes and Functionalities are Outdated

New technologies appear regularly to optimize website functionality and themes. Conversely, outdated themes can signify that your website has run its course and needs a total redesign.

Website Traffic is Less Than Desirable, and There are Low Conversions

The most obvious sign you should redesign your website is if there are fewer conversions and reduced traffic. It suggests that users are finding better options elsewhere, and the best course of action is to create a better website. Using data from your existing website, you can determine specific pain points, areas that need the most help, and more, ensuring your new website will help reach your traffic and conversion goals.

Create a Website with an Experienced Partner That Will Get Results

When looking to improve or redesign a website, you should not go it alone. At the Timmermann Group, our team is experienced with website redesign, offering you a knowledgeable partner that will help you create a website that meets your needs and provides an unmatched return on your investment. Contact us today for expert analysis to determine whether your website would get the best results from an update or complete website redesign.