Case Study SEO Audit and Social Media Marketing for Surdyke Harley Davidson

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About The Client

What started as a small motorcycle repair shop south of St. Louis has grown into one of the region’s largest, full-service Harley-Davidson dealerships offering a wide variety of motorcycle brands, parts, and accessories. A family-owned business for nearly 50 years, Surdyke is one of the most trusted and reliable names for motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Client Challenge

Needing a way to level the playing field and compete with major e-commerce outlets, Surdyke Harley-Davidson sought to boost traffic and drive conversions within their online store. Offering an extensive catalog of parts, accessories, and apparel—as well as a selection of used motorcycles—Surdyke had to find a way to strategically and effectively bring their merchandise in front of those most likely to purchase. Enter: Timmermann Group, a B2C Marketing Agency.

How TG Helped

SEO Audit

Timmermann Group began by performing an SEO audit on the Surdyke website to see exactly how and from where visitors were accessing the site’s e-commerce feature. Though traffic was steady, online sales were not where they needed to be. We immediately implemented a series of search engine optimization initiatives in an effort to bring Surdyke to the top of Google’s organic results for a collection of highly-specific keywords and phrases.

Social Media Marketing

As a social media marketing agency, we supplemented this new wave of organic traffic by launching a series of highly-targeted social media campaigns featuring Harley Davidson lifestyle posts as well as online exclusive deals on bikes and merchandise. These strategic campaigns allowed Surdyke to grow their customer base while still maintaining their existing base of loyal riders.

The Results

In the years since our partnership began, Surdyke has seen a year over year increase in organic search traffic. From 2017 to 2019, the number of new users to the site nearly doubled (95% increase over that time). The domain authority for has increased dramatically and more and more, customers are recognizing Surdyke as a trusted source for Harley products and service. Today, you’ll find Surdyke right in the mix of first page listings for several oft-searched motorcycle-related keywords and inquiries and their organic leads currently make up half of monthly site visitors.

Speaking specifically to our social media efforts, the first 12 months of targeted ads have inspired nearly 10,000 new users and driven sales beyond the $250,000 mark—a remarkable return on Surdyke’s advertising dollars and far ahead of standards throughout the industry.

Website Users

Social Media Conversion Value

Key Takeaways

Our SEO efforts for Surdyke continue to draw in qualified user traffic through organic search with users spending more time on-site, visiting more pages, and initiating more transactions than ever before. With a site now optimized to meet users where they are, Surdyke is able to stand out in Google search results and capture sales they were previously missing out on.

With a return on ad spend that continues to rise with each month, Surdyke has found an avenue for sales that was previously untapped with the aid of social media advertising. Serving as a multi-touchpoint in the customer journey, Surdyke’s social media advertisements help attract new customers and drive repeat sales, now serving as an essential part of their customer sales funnel.

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Rob and the team at Timmermann Group met with us about our goals and developed a strategy that has paid for itself many times over. They keep us abreast of what they have performed every month and what they will be completing next. I feel like I have a trusted SEO partner on our team which is what we have always wanted for our ecommerce store.

Matt Jost, IT Director

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