Case Study Green Turf Social Media: Growing a Digital Presence

About The Client

For more than 30 years, Green Turf has served the St. Louis community and surrounding areas with top-quality irrigation, drainage and landscape lighting solutions. From an initial hello to a long-term partnership, Green Turf is dedicated to delivering unique, effective and affordable solutions to their customers.

Client Challenge

With their dedication to customer satisfaction, it was no surprise that many Green Turf customers found them based on word of mouth or referral. However, their social media marketing efforts were minimal and lacked strong brand messaging. The Green Turf team knew they were missing out on opportunities to connect with potential clients and wanted help growing their brand recognition and generating leads via social media.

How TG Helped

Timmermann Group, a landscaping marketing agency, worked closely with Green Turf to establish year-long service calendars and promotional materials, determine appropriate (and trackable) goals and KPIs and build brand audiences. It was important to have a clear baseline to begin running and tracking campaign efforts over time. With these measures in place, we were able to run, track, analyze and revise campaigns as we moved forward.

Enhanced Messaging

Our team collaborated with the client to identify key messaging to convey as well as what kind of content would pique customer interest and drive conversions. We were able to balance these needs with content that spoke to Green Turf’s services and values in addition to informing, inspiring and building trust with future customers.

Weather-Related Content

The need for certain Green Turf services is impacted by weather conditions, especially when it comes to outdoor drainage and lighting. With the aid of Timmermann Group, the client can reach affected audiences with appropriate and timely messaging— no matter the change in weather.

Hiring Efforts

Another challenge Green Turf sought to address while engaging Timmermann Group for social media marketing was their need to fill open positions for skilled laborers. Depending on the season, their staffing needs will fluctuate, so it was important to strategically increase their applicant base, providing a pool of talent to draw from whenever the need arose.

New Site Launch

At the time we began working with Green Turf to enhance their social media presence, we were also working on building them a new website. Both their new site and their updated social platforms were structured to support each other in showcasing their services and enhancing overall customer experience. Within the first year of launching both efforts, organic search acquisition increased by 32% and direct traffic increased by 60%.

The Results

Green Turf now has a social media presence that supports their overall business goal: growing and fostering long-term customer relationships with members of the St. Louis community.
In the first year of social media marketing with Timmermann Group, not only did traffic and goal completions via social media increase exponentially, but Green Turf also saw an increase in traffic via other channels as well.

Social media is now Green Turf’s leading source of overall site traffic, accounting for 58% of users visiting the site.

Green Turf has seen their website conversions via social media average a 152% increase each year.

Over the past year, Green Turf has seen a steady increase in on-platform metrics, including an 83% increase in page views, a 99% increase in page shares, and a 72% increase in page comments.

They’ve also received a 110% increase in overall site traffic via social media and a 173% increase in desired on-page actions.

  • 99%increase in page shares
  • 58%of user visits from social
  • 152%increase in conversions
  • 110%increase in overall site traffic


We are delighted with our decision to use Timmermann Group for our website redesign, and would like to congratulate the team on a job well done. This has been a painless process for us from start to finish. Our site looks impressive and polished, the designers did a wonderful job re-working our site from our initial concepts into a finished product. The most impressive aspect of all was Timmermann Group’s ability to communicate directly with us on a day-to-day basis. After the re-work of the site, we have seen increased traffic, sales leads, Google page rankings, and social media presence.

- Bob Fitzwilliam, Green Turf