Case Study Building a Better Foundation

About The Client

Since their inception in 1976, Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design has made it their mission to create beautiful spaces for their customers. Specializing in residential architecture and interior design, they aim to make clients’ dreams a reality, overseeing projects from the initial site visit and design development to the final construction. Their top-quality work and expert knowledge has landed them local and national recognition.

Client Challenge

When Mitchell Wall engaged Timmermann Group, an architect marketing agency, to spearhead a complete digital marketing renovation (complete with a total rebranding effort, concentrated social media campaigns, and a new website), they were looking to set the stage for the future of their business and what it represented. Previous efforts lacked consistency and did little to highlight their outstanding architectural accomplishments. Their marketing efforts needed to be representative of, and embrace their position as an industry leader in custom home design.

How TG Helped

While it was important for us to showcase Mitchell Wall’s work, we wanted to do so in a way that would also add value to the user experience. With the addition of blogs, before and after photos, project renderings, testimonials and process overviews, we’ve been able to balance the beautiful visuals with key messaging and value propositions that speak to Mitchell Wall’s extensive knowledge and capabilities.

Strategic Messaging

It was important that all visual mediums (social media, the new website, etc.) not just showcase Mitchell Wall’s work— which speaks for itself—but add value to the overall user experience. By incorporating blogs, before and after photos, project renderings, testimonials, and process overviews into our ongoing marketing strategies, we’ve been able to balance the beautiful visuals with key messaging and value propositions that speak to MItchell Wall’s extensive knowledge and range of expertise and capabilities.

Rebranding Efforts

Any complete rebranding effort, especially one of this caliber, requires research, collaboration, and creativity on all parties involved. Drawing inspiration from the German Bauhaus movement of the early 1900s, our designers crafted a modernized brand style that pays homage to the Mitchell Wall history while celebrating the company’s growth and influence (complete with an all new logomark—the centerpiece of the renovated Mitchell Wall brand).

Brand Building

From the start, we sought to build an engaging brand presence with content that spoke to their attention to detail and quality of work. We also began connecting with influential designers, architects and similar accounts to help foster community engagement. Now Mitchell Wall is frequently highlighted on other notable accounts and publications.

Lead Generation

Aside from increasing awareness and engagement, the team at Mitchell Wall needed help generating more quality leads. With our strategic messaging and brand building strategies in place, we began crafting an ad strategy designed to drive on-site actions and goal completions. With a mix of cold targeting and remarketing efforts in place, we’ve been able to build top-performing audiences and messaging that speaks to these individuals’ needs.

New Site

Further enhancing the rollout of the Mitchell Wall brand was without a doubt our biggest undertaking: a brand new website. Launched in January 2021, the Mitchell Wall site would function as an interactive portfolio of Mitchell Wall’s architectural achievements while spotlighting their unique processes and areas of expertise. By showcasing the quality of work synonymous with the iconic Mitchell Wall name, this site would fast become an impactful resource for potential clients and lovers of modern architectural design.


We also worked with Mitchell Wall to develop an SEO strategy to improve their search rankings for top local keywords. We conducted keyword research, SEO copywritting and on-page optimization to build a strategy that would ensure they outranked the competition. Since the implementation of these efforts, Mitchell Wall has been ranking #1 for the keyword phrase “residential architecture St Louis” and now ranks #1 for additional related terms.

The Results

Our social media marketing efforts for Mitchell Wall have solidified their online presence, increased brand awareness and social engagement, driven qualified leads and successfully positioned them as a local industry leader.

67% Increase in Project Leads Via Social Media

Within the first year, Mitchell Wall saw a 36% increase in website traffic. Social media is now Mitchell Wall’s leading source of traffic, accounting for more than 61% of user visits to their site. They receive qualified leads via social media each month and consistently see metric improvements month over month. Mitchell Wall continues to see year over year improvements in their  online metrics, most recently recording a 67% increase in project leads via social media within the page year.

210% Increase in Engagement

Platform metrics also increased dramatically, including page likes, engagements and impressions. They’ve experience a 46% increase in impressions, a 210% increase in engagement, and a 166% increase in profile views within the past year on Facebook.


Communicator Award – Award of Distinction
2021 – Marketing Effectiveness Distinction
Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design

Key Takeaways

Similar to the custom home build process Mitchell Wall employs, we began our partnership with a solid foundation our client would be able to lean on for years to come. With an impactful website and scroll stopping social media content to match, the experts at Mitchell Wall can focus on their existing project and client needs and spend less time procuring leads or crafting content. As a trusted partner, we’re able to provide our client with peace of mind and the support they need to grow their customer base and best showcase their high-quality work. By engaging Timmermann Group for an array of services, we’re able to provide Mitchwell Wall with holistic support and strategies that enhance their overall user journey, no matter where that begins.

quote mark

Today we received our SIXTH LEAD since the launch of our new website!!! All six have come as a direct result of our site—this is friggin’ amazing! … We have never ever before received leads from our website, so we are absolutely thrilled!

– Carol Harris Wall, President and Owner

Services Used: SEO, Social Media

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