What is Contractor Marketing?

Contractor marketing is the process of promoting your company’s construction and general contracting services to your target market. While marketing is not typically the first thing, or even the tenth thing, that most contractors think about, it is a very important aspect of any contracting company’s success and therefore needs to be given its due attention.

For most contractors, lead generation is the most important goal and business objective. Embracing a comprehensive digital contractor marketing program is a great way to achieve this goal. Why? Because your prospects and potential customers are going online to research contractors that can help them with their project. You need to make sure that your contracting firm appears in the results page of their search; if you don’t, you will lose that potential new customer to your competition. In addition, your company needs to have a professionally-designed website that reflects the high quality of work that your firm completes for its clients. Even if that prospect picks up the phone to call your business, they are almost certainly visiting your company website to vet your qualifications and experience before doing so. Including information about your company’s history, experience, qualifications and certifications, and case studies and examples of completed projects are all great ways to demonstrate your firm’s abilities so that these prospects take the next step and contact you.

In addition to building a quality website, your contractor marketing program should also include other digital marketing tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and social media marketing. Many contractors overlook these digital amplification channels, thinking they are appropriate only for consumer products brands. This is a common misconception that also creates a great opportunity for your business. By incorporating these and other appropriate tactics into your contractor marketing plan, you can set your firm apart and generate leads that your competitors will never even know existed.

As mentioned above, search engine optimization helps your company website rank for relevant online searches so that prospects visit your website to learn more and ultimately turn into leads. Email marketing is a great tool to stay in front of your leads and prospects by providing them with timely, thoughtful content about your contracting firm that provides value to them, and helps steer them toward your company when they are ready to convert into a paying customer. Social media marketing is a great tool for showcasing your firm’s projects, and also aids in recruitment. It’s no secret that the contracting industry has struggled in recent years to attract good talent, and the competition to hire the best talent is more intense than ever. Social media is an inherent part of most young people’s lives–make sure it is also part of your contractor marketing plan.      

Why is Contractor Marketing Important?

Contractor marketing is important because the marketing and lead generation landscape has shifted. Today’s consumers have more choice and control than ever before when it comes to learning about and engaging with brands. Most people prefer to conduct their own research, typically online, before reaching out to any contracting firm to discuss their needs. If your firm doesn’t pass muster during this exploration stage, you’ll never get the chance to convert these prospects into leads or customers. Be sure that your website and all other digital marketing channels are well-designed and provide outstanding content that prospects will find credible and inspiring.

It is also important to keep in mind that, in many instances, the person conducting this initial online research may very well not be the final decision-maker. It may be an office administrator or even an intern who is putting together a list of contracting firms to be included on the bid list. So even if the decision-maker prefers to do business via phone calls and handshakes, the process may still begin online. It is therefore critical that your online contractor marketing campaign addresses the needs of all types of users involved in the decision-making process. Don’t solely create content geared toward high-level executives; also make sure that your content creation efforts speak to those who report to these senior-level team members, as their support and recommendations are often a critical piece of the decision-making process.

Acquiring new business leads can certainly be challenging, and the changing face of marketing has only further added to the confusion and frustration that contractors often feel. But again, with challenge comes opportunity, and your firm’s choice to embrace digital as a key component of your contractor marketing program will bolster your firm’s reputation in the marketplace, help ensure that you are generating leads that your competition never even knows about, and aiding your team in converting these leads into new customers through value-based content that addresses the needs of each type of user involved in making the decision on which contractor to hire. Adapting digital marketing into your plans will also yield competitive advantages that will be increasingly difficult for other contractors to overcome in the future, as digital marketing becomes even more ubiquitous in people’s daily lives.

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