Your marketing strategy should be representative of the company’s vision, goals, and plans for long-term growth. It should be the blueprint for how you want your business to look and operate in the years to come.

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Marketing Strategy Services

Lead Generation

Brand awareness will only take your company so far. To truly grow your company and enhance your business, you must be focused on generating leads. A thorough marketing strategy will provide direction for messaging and will inspire your audience not only to take notice, but to take action.

Are We A Fit?

At Timmermann Group, we align with businesses who…

  • Value Continuous EvolutionLike us, you’re Always Growing and seeking the next level.
  • Appreciate Agile StrategiesYou need a partner who’s Strategic Yet Nimble. We pivot with purpose.
  • Seek Genuine PartnershipsWith our Partner-First Mindset, we prioritize your success above all.
  • Demand Prompt ActionYou act swiftly, and with our On the Ready approach, so do we.
  • Focus on Solutions, Not ProblemsWe’re Solution Oriented, turning challenges into opportunities.
  • Crave Authenticity (and a bit of fun)Be real, be Authentic A.F. (And Fun). We value genuine connections.
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Why Partner with Us?

Vision and Goals

We listen to your vision and goals.

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We’re focused on results—your results.

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We have more than 20 years of experience.

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We have the right in-house team to deliver success.

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We focus on long-term committed agency partnerships.

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We proactively bring our clients ideas and solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a marketing strategy really that important?

In a word: yes. You can have the best products or the best services around, but without a concentrated plan to strengthen your brand, broaden your audience, and grow your business, it’s an uphill battle. A marketing strategy is all about planning for the future and setting a foundation for growth. Even if you’re seeing some success right now, aimlessly doing the same thing over and over without measurable goals in place is not going to pay off when it really counts.

Can I build a marketing strategy myself?

Yes, but it’s not going to be an easy process, especially if you lack expertise. Obviously you know your business and your audience better than we or any other agency ever will. But knowing how to take these insights and translate them into effective marketing strategies is imperative. If you’ve never done it before, it can be hard to figure out where to start…and it only gets harder from there. We would strongly suggest bringing your strengths to the table and partnering with an experienced strategy agency in order to lay out the best plan for your company’s growth.

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How to Find the Right Marketing Strategy Agency

Finding the right agency to guide you through the marketing strategy process can be tricky. It’s not exactly a service you can just view and pick out of a catalog. Nor is it an aspect that many businesses would be willing to just share out of the goodness of their hearts. So while not a simple task by any means, finding the right agency to lead your strategic planning is one of the most important decisions you can make for your marketing efforts.

What you can do to prepare for your search:

Read case studies

While you’re not likely to stumble upon a free copy of a competitor’s strategic marketing plan, a detailed case study is likely the next best thing. A case study should be able to outline the client’s challenges as well as the agency’s plan of action for hurdling these challenges and increasing brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, and sales.

Schedule a face to face

Googling and perusing social media will only get you so far in terms of finding a marketing strategy partner. Oftentimes the best way to learn how a marketing agency can help boost your business is to sit down and listen. No two marketing strategies are alike, so putting yourself in the shoes of a previous client isn’t going to get you the answers you need. An agency worth your time and investment would be happy to discuss the best strategy to turn your challenges into opportunities.

Find an agency that:

Is a full-service agency

For something like a marketing strategy, it’s best to have a single team helping to guide your business. This means having the developers, designers, copywriters, and other specialists under one roof and working cohesively to build your brand and advance your business.

Doesn’t outsource their work

Yes, even an agency that claims to be “full-service” may outsource key marketing tasks including graphic design, SEO, web development, etc. Having too many irons in the fire can blur the lines of communication and take aspects of control away from you and the agency. While these contracted freelancers may be good at what they do, it’s always best to know the team spearheading your messaging and marketing efforts.