Strategic Adaptability

Our world today has evolved into a fast-paced, multitasking culture designed by the introduction of the internet, mobile devices, and social media. Our shortened attention spans consistently crave new ideas and technologies that disrupt the status quo. For this reason, social networks advance their services regularly, attempting to keep up with consumer demands and a continuous increase in engagement.

This is one reason some websites, such as, failed so miserably. Consumers trends reported that users wanted a social platform, instead of the plethora of advertising content Myspace was. The goal at Myspace was highly focused on making money for the business and the shareholder value, instead of advancing their social services- which was the sole purpose people were using the site.

In April 2008, Myspace lost their user-preference to Facebook. Today, Facebook is now the social media market leader with 1.87 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Now, how did this happen?

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, and CEO of Facebook set his primary focus on the product. He designed a site that was easy to use for users to grow their social circles. He understood what people were asking for, and listened, instead of working to change what people wanted based on what he was developing. Still, to this day, Facebook plans for flexibility in response to the unexpected change in business and environmental factors, creating long-term success.

OK, so where am I going with this?

Well, considering the perpetual rate of change in the 2000’s, we can learn a lot from Myspace and Facebook. By simply analyzing their particular marketing strategy – from the best to the worst case – there is a huge lesson to be discovered. Don’t minimize what the market is telling you, and don’t deny there may be a problem in your current strategy.

Change is intimidating. But, too many businesses begin a marketing plan, strategy, or website by simply focusing on conventionality. They stick with what they know, what has worked in the past, and where they feel safe- as the consumers’ world outside evolves daily.

The goal is adaptability.

The convergence of forces consumers encounter as the world evolves has proved for it to be necessary for business owners to stay on their toes.

Imagine laying on the beach with your friends, enjoying the relaxing sun, and you notice a surfer in the water. You realize how the surfer acclimates to the ocean waves and begins to paddle. The surfer jumps up and you think to yourself, “He’s got it!” Then while anxiously hoping he doesn’t fall, he maneuvers his weight and positioning to manipulate the surfboard and smoothly surfs the whole wave. The wave, just like consumers, can’t be shaped, it must be moved with.

Be strategic with your business moves. Adapt and grow with your customers. Be there when your consumers are looking. Learn to surf and ride that wave to paradise.

So, are your marketing efforts falling flat?

Here at Timmermann Group, we develop detailed strategies with our clients to maximize their business potential. By using out performance measurement and analysis, we can offer you the guidance and direction for your marketing needs, as well as provide you with the opportunity to recognize the impact of your content throughout multiple channels. Get ahead, and don’t’ choose to be left behind.

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