Our Packaging Industry Marketing Expertise

You know as well as anyone that without the proper packaging, even the finest products will lose their allure. We take this same approach when it comes to digital marketing. You’ve invested in the products you create and it’s up to you to make sure they’re top-notch. And It’s up to us to make sure your customers know it. Every day, we’re learning new digital marketing strategies and practices in a constant effort at helping our clients reach their marketing goals.

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Our Experience

When it comes to conquering even the toughest of packaging marketing challenges, it never hurts to have a qualified and ready-to-assist marketing partner in your corner. At Timmermann Group, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide converting and web-guiding manufacturers throughout their marketing journeys and help them to reach their marketing goals. Every day, we’re learning new digital marketing strategies and practices specific to the packaging realm in a constant effort at helping our packaging clients find success.

Learn More About Packaging Marketing

With constant advances in packaging technology and ever-evolving consumer preferences, the packaging industry is always changing. Likewise, your strategies for marketing your packaging company must also be fluid and adaptable. That’s where we come in. Your first step to mastering the world of marketing as it relates to packaging companies starts right here.

Packaging marketing is the process of getting your packaging company’s name and brand in front of the audiences most likely to become consumers (i.e. your target market). Though many in the industry are directly involved in their own clients’ marketing initiatives— developing the right packaging that is going to spark a reaction from the right customers— coming up with marketing tactics for their own company is a different story altogether.

For those in the packaging industry, generating leads is a necessity that can often become a burden. Competition is high no matter where you look and clients who find the right packaging partner tend to develop an allegiance that can last for years to come. Therefore, a lot of valuable clients cannot be pried away from their current providers and many of the startups who are in need of packaging services are not built to last. Your goal, as a packaging professional, is to cast a wide net and build as many partnerships as possible.

You can do this through a number of channels; perhaps none more important than an engaging, easy to navigate, and informative website that is optimized to generate search engine traffic. The right website can (and will) put you head and shoulders above your competition. Integrating dynamic social media campaigns and strategic pay per click initiatives can give your packaging company the boost it needs and get your brand in front of the people who need to know who you are and what you bring to the table.

By developing a website that truly captures what sets your business apart, and making sure it is optimized for organic search results, you’re letting the leads come to you. Unlike a billboard or radio spot which is going to hit a lot of people who’ll never need your services, SEO allows you to put your brand in front of manufacturers who are ACTIVELY SEARCHING for your services. By eliminating the need to uncover new audiences through every means possible, you’re able to focus on building your packaging company and delivering the best possible product for your customers.

You certainly don’t need us to tell you this, but your thorn-in-the-side competition is no longer limited to the company down the street that’s undercutting you by pennies on the dollar. Your competition is everywhere.

Packaging marketing is important because manufacturers— at least the ones not already tied to a packaging provider— have plenty of reputable providers for packaging services at their fingertips. Being the “trusted name” or “local favorite” is no longer enough when you can be undercut by some no name operation a thousand miles away that can have their product shipped anywhere in the world in a day or two. Customer service and quality are still vastly important, but it’s awfully hard to draw in leads when your competitors are dominating Google’s organic rankings, paid search, and social media feeds with “Deals Of The Century.”

Google is legitimately seeking the best and most reliable packaging experts in the world and your company deserves to be one of their top endorsements. By taking the steps necessary to get your brand recognized by manufacturing representatives who are ready to buy and in need of your services RIGHT NOW, you’re giving your company a competitive edge. You’re turning your website into a lead-generating machine that works 24/7 and never takes a day off.

Laying the groundwork in terms of SEO and implementing the latest digital marketing tactics as they relate to your packaging company will give you the advantage that, if done correctly, others will simply not be able to keep up with. We know your business practices and the products you create can stand on their own. Now it’s time to make your consumers take notice as well.