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If there’s one thing you know from working in the auto industry, it’s that the little things can make a huge difference. We’re proud to bring that same level of attention to your marketing initiatives. You won’t find any one-size-fits-all approaches here; only customized strategies to generate real results for your bottom line. Whether you want to book more service appointments or sell more vehicles, we tailor our digital marketing services to accommodate your goals, target audience, and local market.

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Don’t spin your wheels with other agencies—choose Timmermann Group when you want a marketing partner who gets it right. Check out some of our automotive specialties below:

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We rely on the Timmermann Group team as our strategic partner for all things brand and digital marketing. We started working with them as our social people, and, honestly, with time, we’re not sure how we handled our internet marketing without them. They got to know what our business is about as well as we do and then took that info and used it to update our brand in an amazing way. These people know what they’re doing and how to produce results! Thank you TG Team!

- Page Adams, Martian Car Wash

Are We A Fit?

At Timmermann Group, we align with businesses who…

  • Value Continuous EvolutionLike us, you’re Always Growing and seeking the next level.
  • Appreciate Agile StrategiesYou need a partner who’s Strategic Yet Nimble. We pivot with purpose.
  • Seek Genuine PartnershipsWith our Partner-First Mindset, we prioritize your success above all.
  • Demand Prompt ActionYou act swiftly, and with our On the Ready approach, so do we.
  • Focus on Solutions, Not ProblemsWe’re Solution Oriented, turning challenges into opportunities.
  • Crave Authenticity (and a bit of fun)Be real, be Authentic A.F. (And Fun). We value genuine connections.
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Partner with an Automotive Marketing Agency that gets it Right

Looking for an automotive marketing agency that can take your business to the next level?

Here's why Timmermann Group is the perfect fit:

We Understand Your Challenges

We’ve worked with automotive companies of all sizes, from local dealerships to global manufacturers. We know the obstacles you face, whether it’s boosting brand recognition, increasing vehicle sales, or driving more service appointments.

Automotive Industry Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the automotive sector, we’ve seen it all. We’re proud of our track record of success, and we’re always happy to share case studies, testimonials, and success stories from our satisfied clients.

Shared Values, Stronger Results

We believe that shared values lead to stronger partnerships and, in return, better results. That’s why we prioritize transparent, agile solutions. If these values align with your company’s principles, then we’re the perfect match.

Portfolio That Speaks for Itself

Don’t just take our word for it—take a look at our portfolio. We’ve worked on a wide range of projects for automotive clients, from SEO and PPC campaigns to website redesigns and social media management.

Award-Winning Work

We don’t like to brag, but year-after-year we take home new awards for our digital marketing services. It’s simple: when you partner with Timmermann Group, you’re working with an automotive marketing agency that’s recognized as one of the best in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Relying solely on word-of-mouth marketing can limit your growth potential. To truly thrive in your local market, it’s essential to combine your stellar reputation with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising. This multi-faceted approach will help you reach new audiences, attract more qualified leads, and drive sales that otherwise wouldn’t have found you.

Your website needs to be optimized to attract, engage, and convert visitors into customers. This starts with SEO to improve your search engine rankings, making it easier for potential customers to find you online. A good user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) can also help drive more qualified traffic and encourage visitors to take action, whether that’s scheduling a service appointment, requesting a quote, or making a purchase.

You need a well-rounded approach that combines multiple digital marketing strategies. This includes SEO to improve your visibility in search results, PPC advertising to reach people actively searching for automotive products and services, social media engagement to build brand awareness and loyalty, and consistent branding across all channels to establish trust and credibility. When these elements work together, they create a powerful marketing engine that guides potential customers through every stage of the buying journey.