What is Public Relations?

Public relations is the process of generating a positive reputation of your business and your brand. It focuses on establishing and managing how your company is perceived and thought of by both your customers and the public at large. Public relations helps your company capitalize on good news, and helps mitigate any potential damage when something goes awry. Working with a committed marketing agency partner that understands the power of public relations and how to leverage it to improve your business should be a key component of your company’s marketing plans.

Effective public relations campaigns are strategic in nature. That is to say, they have a goal and a purpose in mind. Your public relations content should focus on telling your brand’s story in a positive, aspirational manner yet one that is still rooted in truth. Since a major goal of any good PR campaign is to garner wide-reaching, positive media coverage of your brand, make sure that your press releases and other public relations efforts contain information that is interesting and compelling, and provides media outlets with a reason to promote your story. All PR content should be well planned and executed, making it clear to media outlets what you are promoting and why it would be relevant to their audience.

Public relations can also be important as a crisis management tool should the need arise. Should your business be facing any type of product recall, negative press or scandal, a proactive, strategic public relations message can thwart any significant damage to your company’s reputation and bottom line. Hopefully your business never needs to utilize public relations in this way, but it’s good to know it is available should you need it.

Public relations can manifest in many forms including content creation, corporate communications, internal communications to your staff, media relations, reputation management, trade shows and events, and speechwriting for executive leadership. Your agency partner will be able to guide you and make recommendations as to which specific tactics are most appropriate for your business and your goals.

Properly executed, a corporate public relations campaign helps your company establish brand awareness and build trust within the marketplace. It should highlight the things that your company does well, the benefits you provide to consumers, and your company’s values and commitment to the communities in which you do business. By providing pertinent information in a compelling storytelling format, your public relations efforts will enhance your reputation and improve your business.