What is Logo Design?

Your logo is, essentially, the face of your company. It’s often used for shorthand on your website, social media, letterheads, trucks, uniforms and more. Logos have tremendous staying power with consumers—they’re often the image that comes to mind when picturing a company or brand.

Why is Logo Design Important?

When it comes to your logo design, you want something that’s going to stick with people. It should match your company’s brand standards, whether that’s in the form of colors, fonts, messaging, imagery, tone. It should communicate a specific feel to your potential customers. It’s a condensed version of everything you want from the visual design that accompanies your business’s presence online and offline. That’s a lot to account for in what’s typically such a small package. Luckily, Timmermann Group can help. Our team of graphic designers have the expertise and the knowledge to design a logo that meets all of these requirements and more.