With one part research and discovery and one part implementation, the strategic component of the Timmermann Group process is driven by the quantitative analysis of your qualitative marketing efforts. We’ll provide you with key insights into your industry and your customers, as well as your competition, giving you a better understanding of the marketplace and your position in it.


After building a comprehensive plan supported by pre-determined benchmarks for success, our creative team uses their design, development and content creation skills to bring your vision to life across a multitude of platforms. We create original content across various digital marketing platforms to excite, enlighten and engage customers with your company or brand promise.


Just because you’ve built it doesn’t mean they will come. Our process looks at every aspect of the online realm to see where we can increase impact. We work within your budget and goals to amplify our creative efforts, ensuring they reach your target customer to convert qualified leads and a measurable return on investment.


For Timmermann Group, the proof is always in the numbers. Every initiative we pursue is measured and analyzed as we continuously seek opportunities for improvement within our overarching strategy and individual tactics. Data in hand, your business’s high and low points will be illuminated, helping us lead you down a more defined path to success.

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