What is Animation?

Animation is a highly effectively, yet often underutilized, marketing tool for tell your brand’s story and conveying important messages. Situated between the infographic and video, animation exists to share specific information in a unique, captivating format.

Within your content marketing strategy, it’s important to vary the formats you use to provide that content, and that should include the use of custom animation. Visual media is just as important as copy, if not more so. It is what draws the eye to your content and helps consumers connect with your brand. Animation is an effective content marketing format because it stands out. Most businesses do not utilize animation so consumers notice when they do. Animations stand out from the usual clutter. Offering animation as an alternative to still images or graphics can help hold users’ attention and deliver more information than in a static image, an in a more engaging, interactive format. Animations are particularly effective at helping your company convey a complicated brand or product message. Writing several paragraphs of copy to explain how your product works may not properly achieve your goal, and it is likely that in today’s society many people won’t take the time to read that content, or fully understand it if they do. But a well-executed animation that shows a step-by-step product demonstration can be remarkably effective.

There is virtually no limit to what types of information can be communicated via animation, nor to how your company can leverage and amplify this content. Animations can be utilized on your company website, at trade shows and events, and included with in-person presentations conducted by your sales team. You might create animations specifically to address frequently asked questions, which your customer service team can then share with consumers who are having problems. Because of their interesting visual elements and high degree of user interactivity, animations build brand awareness and trust, connect with consumers and help improve your business. Creating compelling custom animation is highly specific skill, so it is a best practice to engage an experienced digital marketing agency to help you design an animation content marketing program that helps accomplish your goals and achieve your business objectives.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to animation, we know just how to give your website and/or social media channels a distinct and fun flair that’ll make you stand out from the competition. Adding clever and engaging animations to your digital profile can be a highly effective method for getting your message to an even broader audience. As compared to a static image, an animated banner image, for instance, gets substantially more impressions from users. We know the best strategies to use this valuable medium and we’re always experimenting with new and creative methods for increasing brand awareness on digital platforms. We’d love to see how we can best lend our animation efforts to your messaging. If you’re looking to add animation to your marketing toolbox, but don’t know where to begin, let’s talk.