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Priority STD Testing is a trusted provider of reliable and confidential STD testing services. Customers consistently praise the convenience, speed, and accuracy of the service’s testing processes. By keeping conversations open and honest and providing customers with easy access to professional medical advice, the company aims to minimize the stigma surrounding STDs while encouraging responsible sexual health practices.


In its infancy, the Priority STD Testing team knew that their website would be more than just a digital marketing supplement; it would be their lifeblood. With annual revenue generated exclusively via online orders, Priority STD Testing needed a reliable e-commerce site that could not only facilitate sales but also grow and evolve alongside the company; a site that would carry enough authority to compete with even the most well-established national STD testing brands.

As their healthcare marketing agency, we knew that building such a website would come with its fair share of challenges, and we knew that our launch date would not be a “finish line” of sorts, but rather the beginning of an exploration of how to best connect with this audience and inspire them to take action.


The primary goal of any website, especially an ecommerce website, is going to be sales. In the end, every aspect of your website should be driving towards this goal: the site’s architecture and user experience, the design, the copy and content. It’s important that our ongoing partnership with Priority STD Testing involves the constant evaluation and evolution of the site in order to ensure sales stay strong for the business. Dropping or stagnant sales are a symptom; it’s our job to find the cause. Social Media, PPC, and SEO efforts should constantly drive traffic and encourage sales; if that slows, it’s our job to find the solution. If users aren’t converting or exit the site before making a purchase, it’s our job to reevaluate how users interact with the site and perform and what might be lacking. Users and audiences are constantly changing and evolving, and your website should follow suit. We’re proud of the progress our team has made for Priority STD Testing, but our partnership has only just begun.

How TG Helped

  • Web Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
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Web Maintenance and Monitoring

Your website should be a living, breathing and growing component of your business. While no company should take a “set it and forget it” approach to website maintenance, e-commerce businesses, in particular, must be constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve their sites. For Priority STD Testing, we’ve regularly monitored the behaviors of users who interact with the site: what pages they visit, where they come from, where they leave the site, what incites them to make a purchase and much more. It’s this foundation that allows us to make adjustments or develop additional strategies to make sure the site is as profitable as it can be.

Mobile Optimization

In analyzing the behaviors and tendencies of the site’s visitors, we saw that more than 80 percent of traffic came from mobile devices (on average, only about 50 percent of web traffic worldwide is mobile), so developing an engaging, easy-to-use mobile design was crucial. This would help the site not only retain site visitors but also improve SEO, as responsive sites tend to receive higher overall rankings on mobile devices.

80% of traffic came from mobile devices
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Search Engine Optimization

Our next challenge was to get the site optimized to the point where it would generate substantial organic search engine traffic. Unfortunately, a handful of established competing websites had virtual strangleholds on valuable search keywords and phrases, and breaking into this realm would not come easily.

We started populating the site’s pages with strategic and valuable content their audience would find helpful; content that would serve as a resource for visitors while establishing credibility and authority in the eyes of the site’s users, as well as Google and other search engines.

We then built out localized landing pages on the site and targeted major metro regions throughout the United States. Each of the 1,600+ pages features key region-specific content, including the locations and hours of operation for testing centers in the area.

Pay Per Click Advertising & Management

While search engine optimization was nothing short of imperative to the success of Priority STD Testing’s site, we needed a way to enhance brand recognition and drive additional qualified leads to the site right away as well. We supplemented our organic efforts by launching a series of strategic and targeted PPC (pay per click) campaigns. This allowed us to take the Priority brand straight to the front page of Google and guarantee it would be seen and clicked on by potential customers who were ready to buy. By analyzing competitive keywords, and carefully selecting our ideal target audiences, we were able to drive significant site traffic and boost sales for a relatively manageable and sustainable cost per click and cost per conversion.

WARNING: If you’re new to PPC marketing, or jump in without a strategy, it can be an easy way to ineffectively burn through advertising dollars in no time whatsoever. It’s always best to partner with an experienced PPC agency before diving into this highly competitive arena.


To make sure content stayed fresh, engaging, and informative, we collaborated with the Priority STD Testing care counselors and their team of medical review professionals to launch a monthly blog geared toward Priority STD Testing’s target market. Our SEO and content teams picked an array of oft-searched keywords and inquiries surrounding the topic of sexually transmitted diseases including tips for prevention, the dispelling of popular myths, and life advice for those who do become infected. Our goal is to be a voice of authority on the subject and to shine a light on what is still widely considered taboo by a significant portion of the population. Answering the uncomfortable questions with poise and professionalism, we aim to provide reassurance, guidance, and direction to prospective Priority STD patients in a friendly and sometimes even playful or humorous tone. In addition to being a helpful resource for visitors, the blog allowed us to enhance the site with even more relevant keyword authority, leading to even greater organic search traffic. Every month, blogs are crafted by our content team with guidance from the Priority STD Testing care counselors and reviewed by their medical review team to ensure accuracy. To date, we’ve published close to 100 blogs and our platform reaches thousands of users every single month.

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    85% of traffic coming via organic search

    Due in large part to a series of coordinated SEO efforts, sees substantial monthly traffic, with more than 85 percent of traffic coming via organic search.

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    Top keyword rankings

    The Priority STD Testing blog in particular accounts for tens of thousands of readers per month, with many individual blogs ranking at or near the top of many keyword searches.

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    Over 500% Increase in online sales

    Priority STD Testing has seen unprecedented success in its number of online sales, with individual transactions increased by more than 500 percent from 2017 to 2019.

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