MOXI Events Success Story

MOXI Events is a premier event management company that works with high-end clients. They wanted to elevate and refresh their website to make it more attractive and to better reflect who they are.

MOXI Events: Refreshed and Improved Website

Enhanced User Experience

Enhanced User Experience

Improved Mobile Experience

Improved Mobile Experience

Superior Aesthetics

Superior Aesthetics

Crafting MOXI’s Vision: TG’s Consult

Discovery and Analysis

Timmermann Group embarked on a comprehensive research and discovery journey to gain deep insights into MOXI’s brand identity, target audience, and competitive landscape. TG meticulously uncovered valuable information about MOXI’s unique brand attributes, the preferences and behaviors of its target audience, and the strengths and weaknesses of key competitors. From there, TG laid the foundation for a tailored and strategic approach to MOXI’s website redesign project.

moxi events home page mockup on tablet

Strategizing for Website Success

Timmermann Group crafted a strategic plan to revitalize MOXI’s outdated website. Key focuses included enhancing mobile responsiveness, modernizing layouts, improving navigation, and optimizing lead generation. By prioritizing these areas, TG ensured a user-friendly experience, boosted engagement and conversions, and a beautiful website redesign.

moxi events about page mocked up on a tablet

How TG Helped

Website Restructuring

TG utilized WordPress 6.3 to overhaul MOXI’s website, crafting a sleek and adaptable layout specifically tailored to reflect MOXI’s brand essence. This approach ensured seamless content management and intuitive navigation, enhancing the overall user experience.

Responsive Photo Grid

TG integrated eye-catching and responsive photo grids into the redesigned website, strategically showcasing MOXI’s latest event portfolios. This inclusion not only elevated the visual appeal but also encouraged increased user engagement.

Navigation Enhancement

By implementing a user-centric approach, TG revamped the website’s navigation, employing intuitive menus and streamlined pathways to ensure effortless exploration for visitors. This strategic enhancement not only facilitated smoother browsing but also optimized information accessibility, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

Social Media Integration

TG fixed broken social feeds and streamlined social media integration using the Social Photo Feed plugin. This ensured a seamless flow of content across platforms, with automatic updates and versions available for all major social platforms.

Contact Page Optimization

TG created a robust contact page, featuring easily accessible contact information and a user-friendly contact form. Through strategic design elements and clear calls-to-action, TG ensured streamlined communication and efficient lead capture, ultimately fostering stronger lead generation.

Revamped Website Results

Enhanced User Experience

Enhanced User Experience

By restructuring the website, enhancing the navigation, and optimizing the contact page, TG created an easy-to-use website, which ultimately improved the overall user experience.

Improved Mobile Experience

Improved Mobile Experience

Before the redesign, MOXI’s site did not have an engaging mobile experience. About 20% of MOXI’s traffic came through mobile devices, which made this a focus for TG and MOXI. By optimizing for mobile, we were able to create a seamless experience for mobile users. 

Superior Aesthetics

Superior Aesthetics

MOXI Events has an amazing brand with vibrant colors, which really inspired the TG creative team to produce a breathtaking website design that incorporates all their colors and brand messaging.

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Timmermann Group has been absolutely wonderful to work with. They have listened to our needs/wants every step of the way and have produced an amazing website that is really going to make our company shine!! The website is timeless and highlights our services in a really cool way! We can’t wait to launch it and share it with the world!

- Laura VanZante, MOXI Events