Website Designers Specializing in Construction Share 5 Web Tips

Not sure if the website for your construction firm is performing the way it could be? St Louis based digital marketing agency Timmermann Group specializes in building and designing websites for construction companies and we’ve tapped our expert web team for their top tips on how to optimize your presence online.

Construction Web Design Tip 1: Your Projects Should Come First

Think about how your clients make their buying decisions.

What triggers them to buy?

What information do they need before making a purchase?

The answers to both of those questions typically include vetting, comparing, or getting inspiration from completed construction projects. By using web design to showcase your completed construction projects you’re demonstrating your competitive advantage in your market. Online, users make their decisions with their eyes, so our construction-specific web designers often recommend including project photography on your homepage or within an easy-to-use gallery somewhere on your site.

Bonus Tip: Coupling projects with testimonials tackle two elements of your potential client’s buying decision in one fell swoop. Beautiful imagery and a real human’s recommendation? Sounds like a home run!

timm_blog-preview-ineedalawyer_v1_11-22-16Construction Web Design Tip 2: Search Engine Optimize Your Site

According to our construction company web designers, if you’re trying to expand the reach of your network and meet new customers, the best way to do it is online. Think of how many times you’ve googled something to find a solution to a problem you have. People who need construction services are doing the exact same thing when they’re looking for a construction partner. The question is, are your potential customers finding you? 

Our web designers and content strategist can strategize the architecture of your site to ensure you’re showing up as a top result on Google for the search terms your potential customers are using. SEO optimization is a critical component of a successful contractor website design.

Construction Web Design Tip 3: Your Team Page Matters

It’s not just your projects that sell when designing your construction website, it’s also your people. Many potential clients want to work with companies who have a culture that aligns with theirs, by spending extra time in the design process to really amp-up your team page, you’re taking advantage of an additional avenue to convince a customer you’re the right fit for them.

Bonus Tip: Spending time on your team page is also great for recruiting awesome team members.

bg-careers-middleConstruction Web Design Tip 4: Photography Matters

Project photography can be critical to the proper implementation of highlighting your completed project work. Our web designers frequently recommend hiring a professional photographer to capture the essence of your best projects. This goes hand-in-hand with showcasing your completed projects and making your team look great. Pixelated iPhone shots won’t do justice to the end result of what you’re selling.

Construction Web Design Tip 5: A Website Can Actually Get You Customers

Even in the construction business, there’s a way to design and optimize your website so that it has a direct return on investment. That’s right. Your website can actually get you leads. If you search engine optimize, as suggested, then new users will find your site. Once they get there they’ll see stunning project photography and you brilliant team (including newly hired Johnny, who is top of his class and also found you using the web) and they’ll want to get to know you a little better. Our construction web designers create pre-determined user pathways that consider how a potential client will want to contact you and when. Then, they make it easy for those potential clients to get in touch exactly when they’re thinking about doing so.

If you’d like to see an example of this sort of strategy in action, you can take a look at our project portfolio to see how we implemented this tactic to market ourselves.