Timeless Designing

In the Beginning

In its infancy in the 18th century, graphic design and more specifically, advertising was much more purposeful and thought out since it took forever to do everything. You really had to ask yourself if what you were trying to say was really worth the time and money it would take to produce your ad. EVERYTHING had to be done by hand — even type. This forced designers to plan everything properly and make sure there were no mistakes since mistakes cost time and money. Towards the end of the 1800’s, brands began selling themselves and not just their products. For this reason, artists and designers became the rock stars of their time and started making companies big bucks.

The Golden Age of Advertising

In the 1960’s tv became huge. Scientists and focus groups got involved in the process and advertisers started doing cocaine and smoking a lot of cigarettes. Ads became more targeted and abundant but the fundamentals of design were still there and in use since computers hadn’t arrived yet, and ruined everything.

The Stupid Internet 

With the advent of the internet, advertisers could now start targeting more specifically and creating ads even faster since printing was no longer necessary. Quality definitely took a backseat to quantity, and everything became exxxtreme and ugly. It took us about 20 years to realize we don’t need lens flares on everything.

Now we have apps and designers no longer needing to be burdened with the whole “learning good design thing” since some programmer figured that out for them, which is why almost everything kinda looks the same. Everyone can now say whatever they want, whenever they want, and the whole world gets to see/hear it. It’s so great. Now, there is still good design out there, and it’s everywhere — There are high school kids making stuff that blows my freaking mind. With the abundance of good design also comes the bad, and it is also everywhere. In my opinion, good design is timeless and doesn’t rely on the latest gimmicks or trends. There are over 9,000 fonts out there and really all you’ll ever need is Helvetica, Didot, Futura, and Hobo.

Quality is Key

We are in a time in which many advertising efforts present an overload of impersonalized content to the Internet, in hopes of developing leads, growing brand awareness, creating measurable ROI, or increasing sales- usually resulting in wasted time and money. At Timmermann Group, we indulge in the process of individualizing brands through the fundamentals of design- saying sayonara to the preprogrammed templates of undifferentiated design. We have developed a way to produce quality content and design, in an effective four-step process.

1. Strategize. To initiate the process of developing quality content, we begin by researching our clients purpose, values, and message of their company. We want to get to know who we’re working with to avoid the impersonalized advertisement overload seen too often. We acquire an understanding of the audience, and the most effective channels to deliver content to the intended demographic. As a team, we develop a detailed strategy to produce quality content, as well as, provide the anticipated deliverables to the client.

2. Produce. Once we finish building a complete content strategy, we take the next step into the forward-thinking content production process. Our creative team brings visions to life using their design, development, and content creation skills-complimenting the tone of each individualized company. We focus on creating differentiated, engaging content for a multitude of platforms. We understand each channel reaches different audiences, and contributes to diverse company initiatives- such as conversion, conversation, or connections.

3. Amplify. After all this work, how does Timmermann Group guarantee results? We work within our clients’ budgets and goals to amplify our creative efforts ensuring content reaches the intended audience. We are experts on the numerous possible distribution channels, and educated in a wide variety of industries, providing assurance for clients that we will covert qualified leads and a measurable ROI.

4. Report. This final step is critical for our team to provide the most effective services for our clients. We believe proof is always in the numbers, and consistently track the successes of our work for our clients. Every initiative we pursue is measured and analyzed as we continuously seek opportunities for improvement within our overarching strategy and individual tactics. We use our 14 years of experience to support our clients in their business endeavors, and understand how to measure quality content to amplify and complete those goals.

We know this process takes quite a bit of time, but that’s why we’re here!

Contact us– or check out some of our work online- if you think Timmermann Group can provide a helping hand in the chaotic and ever-changing life of advertising for your company!