The Collapse of Word of Mouth Marketing

Imagine someone is telling a potential customer about your business and how great it is. The potential customer goes to the Internet on their phone and types in your company name. Several listings with your information are listed on the Internet.

They see your listing on Yelp and they click to call the number. However, the number they called is a number you used years ago and doesn’t ring your main customer service line. The call gets unanswered. The potential customer is frustrated. You just lost what could be a lifelong customer and your word of mouth marketing just collapsed.

This is what happens when your business’s information is listed incorrectly on the Internet. The process of making sure all listings have correct information is called Local Search Optimization. You may not be aware that there are over 70 of these business listings online like Yelp, Facebook, Yahoo Local, Bing Places, and Whitepages where your business information is available. If this information is not listed correctly and being managed you’re missing out on opportunities.



Just type in your business name and our system will do a detailed scan of all of your online listings to determine the health of your
local search presence.

Claiming and setting up these listings to make sure the information is correct is a task that is virtually impossible. Add managing them every day to make sure no one left you a review that you need to respond to adds more to your plate. Multiply this effort by the number of locations you have and all of the sudden you have a new full-time job.

How would it make you feel to have all your business listings displaying the correct information for each of your locations and to receive a notification when you receive a review on any one of them? Would it be impactful to have the ability to update your business information, such as your hours of operation across each of your listings, and not wait three weeks or more to have your changes published?

Your team at Timmermann Group has been perfecting a system to manage this entire process. It was developed out of our own pain of claiming, updating, and managing these listings. After a year of working on this system, we are ready to offer a new service called Local Search Optimization to our clients.

Do you think you need this service? We have developed an easy way to find out.

Type one of your business locations into our Local Search Listing Scanner, scan your business’s listings and find out if you need Local Search Optimization.

Reach out to us if the scan shows inaccurate information for your business so we can make sure you are not missing out on any opportunities.