TG Celebrates Women’s History Month: What Happens When Women…

For Women’s History Month this year, we’re taking a slightly different approach. While we think it’s important to highlight the importance of having female voices in the office, in positions of leadership and power, in male-dominated fields and industries, this year, we want to focus on women living their lives independently of these narratives, in addition to the narratives that say they can’t or shouldn’t do something. What happens when women define their roles on their terms? What happens when women take charge of their own lives and worlds? What happens when women happen?

We’re showcasing a few of the women who touch our marketing agency and how they inspire us to lead the lives we want to lead.

Danyal Timmermann
HR Director, Timmermann Group
Owner, Boom Pilates

We would be remiss in this celebration if we didn’t highlight one of our own.

When given the option of either or, family or career, Danyal Timmermann chose both. And then kept going. After a career in retail culminating in a position as the St. Louis Division Manager for the Michael Kors brand, Danyal became a certified Gallup Strengths coach and joined Timmermann Group as our HR Director in 2014. But there was a third passion of Danyal’s that she needed to put to use: Pilates. A few years ago, Danyal became level II Pilates instructor and started Boom Pilates, a private Pilates business. This spring, she opens her own Pilates studio in Creve Coeur. Danyal helps us build a stronger team (and stronger bodies, too) and inspires us all to lead the lives we want to lead, and as many of them as we want.

Carol Wall
Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design

Carol Wall started Mitchell Wall with her husband in 1976. When her husband passed away in 1999, Carol took over the business. Since then, Carol has carried on Mitchell Wall’s legacy as an award-winning architectural firm, which has been featured in the Sunday New York Times, Sophisticated Living, Town & Country Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens Professional Builder Magazine, Traditional Home, Kitchens, and Estates, as well as numerous local publications.

When Carol first took over Mitchell Wall, she faced a landscape with prevalent sexism. She made it her mission at Mitchell Wall to bring other women on to her team and grow them in their field. Today, the majority of her team is female.

Carol is active in the St. Louis philanthropic community, having co-founded the Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Organization and supported numerous other organizations in the area over the years.

These are just a few of the women who inspire us to think a little differently, this month and every month, about our own potential. Because a woman’s place is anywhere she wants it to be. Because it’s not about how women can do it, too; it’s about how women can do it. Because it’s not about women being given opportunities to succeed or being allowed to lead. It’s about women leading. It’s about women succeeding.