What is Website Design?

Website design is about more than translating visual design to the web. Good website design is about ensuring that your potential customers or clients can find you online, and that their visit to and navigation of your site is compelling and effortless. All of that is to say: Good website design is all about strategy, and that strategy starts much earlier than the development or visual design stages.

Website design is about designing and strategizing a user’s experience, from their initial Google search or visit to your site through to their conversion.

Why is Website Design Important?

Your website is one of the most vital tools for your business. It acts as your virtual storefront (even if you have physical storefronts) for potential customers or clients. It’s the only store location or salesperson who never closes or takes a vacation, who’s open for business every hour of every day. For a lot of potential customers, especially those who are still in the exploratory phase of their purchasing journey when they visit your website, your website has to demonstrate that you are the clear choice over your competition. You website should be attractive and compelling, but also plan for different user pathways. It’s important that your website design identify how you want users to interact with your site and give them opportunities to find the information they need to ensure they convert, and those conversions can look differently depending on your business and how you want users to interact with your business and your site. A good website design agency should partner with you to make these decisions.

How Timmermann Group Does Website Design

At Timmermann Group, it’s our goal to design websites that are founded in strategy to deliver results. To design a website that is attractive, impactful and purposeful, we begin by gathering analytic data from your existing website (if you have one) and the websites of your competitors. This data, along with input from your business’s stakeholders, helps us shape our strategy for your new website design. We identify what aspects of your website are working, which parts are lacking, and what your potential customers may be finding on other sites.

Armed with this data, we begin constructing the content and user experience hierarchies for your new site. Our designers and copywriters then begin developing assets for your site. Finally, with content and visual design in hand, we move into development. A website design project with Timmermann Group doesn’t end when the developers are complete with your new site. After completing development, the entire team works to check your site on different browsers and devices for quality assurance before launch. Post-launch, your relationship with Timmermann Group continues with thorough analytics reporting on how your website is performing, as well as an included year of free website maintenance.

When it comes to website design New York City knows the clear choice is Timmermann Group.