What is SEO

SEO involves a number of different methods of engineering your website to rank on Google or any other search engine. Search engines like Google use a variety of different factors to essentially score your site and determine how relevant or essential it would be to someone searching for your business or related information. If Google’s algorithms can easily interpret your site and its content, it’s more likely to display your site to people who might be searching for the work you do. So, in order to rank on a search engine, you need to craft your site’s structure and content strategically. This involves a number of different tools, including keyword research and analysis, content strategy, user experience design and more.

Why is SEO Important

We all want our website to appear on the front page of Google, and preferably in the top spot, too. If there were a way to make that happen, you’d be doing it, right? With search engine optimization or SEO, you have the ability to improve where your website ranks. We don’t expect you to know how SEO works. That’s our job. When you work with Timmermann Group, you can expect measurable results thanks to copious research, analysis, and revisions by a team that has your best interest in mind.

How Timmermann Group Does SEO

At Timmermann Group, our team of experts has extensive experience implementing successful SEO strategies. Upon initial setup, we work with you to identify your goals and target audience and conduct keyword research to identify the top search queries of your potential customers. This allows us to determine which SEO efforts will prove to be most fruitful in driving users to your site. Reporting and revising are constant in the SEO process to accommodate Google’s changing algorithms, changes in user preference and changes in response to your competitors. We know nothing is stagnant, so we’ll create an SEO plan that can be changed and grow and is custom-designed to best support your business.

If your business is struggling in its SEO efforts, the answer to your problems is clear: you need Timmermann Group for your next Denver SEO project.