What is Website Design?

Website design is about more than designing a website that looks good. A website that is all form and no function is just as bad, if not worse, than a website that is all function and no form. Looks are important, but it’s essential that your website still functions in a way that is easy for potential customers to use and encourages them to convert. A good website design should have a compelling visual design, but also the right structural design, information hierarchies, content strategy, and conversion pathways so that users who interact with your site are compelled to move through it in the ways you want them to.

Why is Website Design Important?

Think of your website as a salesperson who never takes a vacation and is available to multiple people at any time of the day or night. Under this lens, your website is essential, and if it isn’t designed thoughtfully, it could be costing you potential business. As this indispensable salesperson, it’s important that your website has all the tools it needs to succeed in this effort. Having a website that looks good, like a salesperson who is dressed neatly and professionally, is essential, especially when users are trying to vet different businesses quickly. After you’ve opened the door with a website that looks great, it’s essential that your website is usable by potential leads or customers at every point in their journey. Does your website work for both desktop and mobile users? Do you have clear paths for conversion? Do you know where users are entering your site and where (or why) they’re leaving? If someone does a Google search for what your company does, does your website show up?

How Timmermann Group Does Website Design

At Timmermann Group, every website we design begins with data gathering and strategy. Those processes enlighten the rest of the project, ensuring we’re creating a site that considers how users interact with your website, how you want them to interact with your site, and how they’re going to find you. From those initial strategic efforts flows content strategy, visual design, copywriting and development. The end result is a website backed by strategy and data and designed to deliver the results you’re looking for. That’s why Timmermann Group is the clear choice for website design Chicago.