What is SEO?

SEO is an essential part of the modern digital marketing strategy. Good SEO can make or break your business. SEO is part of what helps connect your business with people who want to buy products or services from a business just like yours. More and more, these potential customers are taking to the web and relying on Google and other search engines to point the way to the right business for their needs. Every year, fewer and fewer of these potential customers are relying on “old fashioned” searches such as soliciting recommendations from peers or phoning a business they saw in a print ad. Depending on your business, it’s likely those more traditional paths (and others) are still working great for your business, but that’s no reason not to consider every possible avenue your customers are taking. Just because they’re not contacting you doesn’t mean they aren’t contacting a comparable business that is utilizing SEO strategy.

Why is SEO Important?

Regardless of how your customers find or contact you, the reality is that, as time goes on, very few purchase decisions are made without the aid of a quick Google search. Whether that search is to find a business to purchase from or confirm a purchase with your business, do you want to risk not showing up? Or, worse, do you want to risk that potential customer stumbling upon and being swayed by the online presence of your competition? The fact is, you can’t afford to not have SEO be a part of your marketing mix.

How Timmermann Group Does SEO

With Timmermann Group, your path to SEO success begins in the hands of a team of experts who have implemented successful SEO strategies for a number of businesses for more than a decade. Our SEO team knows how to stay on top of Google’s ever changing algorithms to make sure your business stays on top of the search results.

Our approach to SEO begins like most other services we offer to our clients: a thorough process of data gathering and research. We put ourselves in your customers’ shoes to understand what they’re searching for. We back up our assumptions with research and analysis, then tweak and repeat until you’re seeing the results you desire. Timmermann Group employs an entire strategy team that works day-in and day-out to formulate ways to reach our clients’ customers. Our thought is: When your focus is providing the absolute best solution in the market to your target market’s challenges, why should you also have to learn how to master Google? That’s what we’re here for. In Timmermann Group, you’ve found an agency that will help you master SEO Chicago.