Robots vs Humans: STL Digital Symposium 2015

You’ll find most offices and businesses hustling and bustling from about Thanksgiving until the end of the year with the typical ramp up for the holidays. For the last couple years around the Timmermann Group office that hustle and bustle starts even earlier in the year when we begin preparing for St. Louis Ad Club’s annual Digital Symposium. Our beloved Director of Operations, Andrew Mullins, serves as the Managing Director for the event in addition to his busy schedule of bicycle riding, expertly handling projects for TG clients and training his dachshund Bert Cooper on some fabulous new tricks.


With our continued involvement, we’ve also taken on designing Digital Symposium’s promotional website and graphics, which is a project we absolutely love. Just ask our Interactive Designer, Jason Kanzler. (He made the signs.) While Digital Symposium time can make certain members of the TG team kinda frazzled and generally hangry, it’s an event we are passionate about and couldn’t be happier to be a part of.


The event this year tackled a pretty hefty topic with Robots vs Humans: Dissecting the impact of the Digital Revolution on human beings and what it means to be human in an increasingly digital world. It had everything a digital marketing professional could want; guest speakers that represent the very best of their field, panels of experts with great information and highly tweetable soundbytes, free toasted ravioli, and even an appearance by everyone’s favorite Game of Thrones assassin-in-training, Arya Stark. Ok, that last part isn’t true. Her name is actually Sierra and she’s a super awesome Ad Club volunteer, but I have to admit that for a second I was congratulating Ad Club on snagging the coolest celebrity guest imaginable.


The panels honed in on some great topics that the team at TG are continually focusing on for our own clients like using data and analytics as valuable insights, and the importance of brand consistency (See also; Garth Brooks is Chris Gaines.) Our social media specialists really enjoyed hearing from St. Louis native Shawn Stevenson about creating relevant content for your clients or personal brand. One of my personal favorites came from our office neighbor Dan Pollmann, founder of Happy Medium. He showed us how his team of wizards approaches taking digital ideas and bringing them to life in the physical world with a sweet iPhone-controlled flying game that they created. I have to admit that I, along with everyone else I overheard at Digital Symposium, don’t really know exactly what it is that Happy Medium does. I do know that whatever it is it looks incredibly cool and I want to be their BFF.

Dan Pollman


We ended the day on a high-note after the last of the panels with TG’s brainchild; the Ultimate Keyboard Warrior competition. The idea for the event came out of the typing speed competitions we’ve held numerous times in our own office that end up being a fun and SHOCKINGLY competitive lunch hour. For the Ultimate Keyboard Warrior event, 8 competitors came together from across the St. Louis advertising community to compete for typing speed supremacy. In the end our own Kelly Knowles took home the golden keyboard when she blew away the competition with a score of 126 words per minute! She’s ab fab and we knew she could do it. Girl power.


We already have people around the office practicing for next year’s event in the hopes of taking her down. If you’re curious to see how you would hold up against the champ, just go here and report back on your success.


All in all, it was a fantastic day and we enjoyed every minute of this year’s Digital Symposium. Getting together with our favorite industry peers to toss back a couple drinks and get our learn on is the reason we got into this business in the first place. Maybe not the primary reason, but it’s a damn good selling point.


Want to feel like you were there? Live vicariously through this photo album.