Overlooking your Social Team is Fatal to Results

As the business world becomes more ingrained with the digital landscape, content on your digital properties continues to become a need for every organization. Social media marketing has transformed from an amusing niche on the sideline, to a major player in a diversified marketing plan. What is unfortunate for those working in the digital marketplace however, is that most people still don’t truly understand how amazing it is to have a social media specialist in your corner. Social teams are still treated as glorified interns in many organizations, but they offer so much more than you might initially think. A proper social media team knows your business, your industry, what your competitors are doing, and your current fan base better than most people in your own organization.


FIRST, let’s talk about the volume of marketing materials that you produce. Let’s add up everything you made last year for your business. Take all the direct mail pieces, door hangers, billboards, TV ads, radio ads, and a whole host of other things you made to help promote your business. Let’s also assume that each medium you choose also has five or so alternative versions to make sure that your consumers don’t see too much of the same content. How many different pieces of material is that? 25, 50, 100?


NOW, let’s talk about the social space. Most social media experts will tell you that posting one piece of content per day is a good rule of thumb in order to be relevant on any specific network. That means that on a single social media channel, 365 pieces of content will need to be produced in a year. Each bit of content should be unique, and each one should be something that hits a key piece of your marketing plan to help achieve your goals. Users these days expect a continuous stream of materials at their fingertips, so your content not only has to achieve your business objectives, but should also be able to stand out from all the other channels fighting for your consumer’s attention. This is also only for a single network. If you want to be socially active on multiple networks, then you can expect to have additional marketing plans and content produced for those networks as well.


SPEAKING OF CONTENT, how many aspects of your specific business does your marketing team get to talk about? We all know that sending out a marketing piece with too much information and talking points gets glanced over, or simply thrown away. On social, your team can break down individual talking points into fun and entertaining bits of digital content. In order to pull this off, your team has to truly understand your business. For example: I have worked with many automotive clients in my career. Many marketers would assume that nice pictures of the cars for sale and a few statistics are all you need. WRONG! Social is the space where you can talk about the cars, their appearance, their performance, service, maintenance, and financing. However, these are just aspects of the product itself. You can also talk about the staff, your company culture, how involved in the community your business is, breaking news in your industry, and more. To top it all off, we can also target our messages to selected audiences. Family friendly cars can be targeted to moms. Do you have a luxury car worth 75,000+? Let’s share that message with people in your area who are in the market for a car and have a specific income level. Only your social team has this control.



TO HELP ILLUSTRATE THIS, let me take you through a small sample of what a solid social media specialist could do for you in a day. First, they will check all your current channels to see what people are saying about your business. You will have people on your social sites who have customer service needs, and want their voices heard. The social media expert will not only recognize the conversation online, but help that person contact the appropriate individual offline to get these issues resolved. They will also begin to chat with other fans who are utilizing your products, letting them know that we as a brand appreciate that they are showing your brand love. These conversations can take forms as status updates, photos, tweets, reviews, videos, or any other media forms that currently live online. Once identified, your brand will need to react and respond to these conversations. Your specialist will also have to match your brands preferred tone and terminology as maintaining your brands online personality is important for retaining customers. If you’re really lucky, these conversations will also be used to see how positively or negatively your consumers feel about your business as well.


THEY WILL ALSO START DRAFTING CONTENT FOR YOU. First, there will need to be some aspect of your business worth talking about. Are we pushing products or specific sales initiatives? Maybe you are looking to show off your brands interests and culture? Your social team will take each and every aspect of your business and break them down into posts. These posts will now be compiled into blogs, images, videos, gifs, ebooks, webinars, or anything else you can imagine. These mediums are prevalent in social media posts, and they continue to evolve and change constantly. Do you feel confident that your current team is capable of handling all that?


IF YOU DO, then I am ecstatic for you. You are ahead of the game. You have recognized the importance, and taken the steps necessary to compete online. If not, then it is not too late to get on board. Research and seek out a social team that you feel confident can help you achieve your goals. They will be worth the investment. Social media is a marketing channel that when handled correctly can widen your reach to potential customers and help guide them from awareness through to the purchase. A good social media specialist will be able to do this quickly, accurately, and generate more leads to your business.