I’m a Lawyer, Not a Marketer

How many of you lawyers went to law school with high hopes of changing the world? You paid the dues of school and finally landed a job at the firm you wanted. Now you can start practicing law.

However, the law firm you joined isn’t handing you cases, or at least not the cases you want to work on and they expect you to bring in your own clients. Congratulations, you are now a marketer.

I have a deep appreciation for lawyers because I connect with the specialized knowledge that they have in their field. With that comes a lot of friends, associates, and clients in the legal field.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard lawyers say, “I market myself 80% of the time and practice law only 20% of the time.”

One of the reasons that might be is because your firm is not marketing themselves as a whole and they leave that up to the individual lawyers. To me, that doesn’t make any sense because if I have legal athletes that are specialists in their practice areas I want them out on the field playing the game instead of trying to promote themselves behind a keyboard.

From a business owner’s perspective, I would want to promote my law firm through marketing instead of the individual lawyers promoting themselves. What happens when you do this is the firm has a much better chance of longevity because the firm controls the inbound leads. This is because people will have the name of the firm as the top of mind rather than the name of the lawyer. They also control the leads by showing up when people are searching for the type of firm they want.

It’s a win-win for the law firm when they perform market for themselves. The firm generates leads that are passed to the lawyers. The firm grows by having lawyers stay for their entire career instead of moving to a different firm. The firm attracts new lawyers because they support their lawyers with leads. The lawyers stay because they are supported. The lawyers get to do what they love… practice law!

At Timmermann Group we are very experienced in law firm marketing. We have worked with clients ranging from small specialty firms to large firms with over 100 lawyers on their team.

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