I Need A Lawyer

This is what happens when a person needs a lawyer.

A person has a need for a lawyer and the need is typically urgent. They don’t currently have one in their network so they Google for the type of lawyer they need. Many times the type of lawyer they are searching for and what they actually need is very far off. They reach out to friends and colleagues for suggestions however they don’t know what type of lawyer to ask for because they don’t know the exact practice area they need.

Then, armed with the name of a practice area, they contact a law firm and explain their need. If the firm is large enough they will be able to direct them to the appropriate lawyer within the firm. If they aren’t large enough, which is often the case, the process starts over.

This was my process when I needed a lawyer and this is the process most people go through. It’s scary for a person to wait to find a contact at the exact time they need it.

What if your law firm took the initiative to rank your website on Google for the keywords your potential clients are searching by performing Search Engine Optimization?

What if your law firm took the initiative to establish a relationship of trust with your potential clients before they need you instead of trying to capture them during their immediate need by performing Social Media Marketing?

The opportunity is you would be able to explain to them what you do and how you do it when they aren’t in a place of panic and they have the capacity to make the best decision for their needs.

The result is you would be able to obtain the clients you want to work with, instead of the clients need you to work with, all by placing your firm where they are already searching.

Would like to talk about how to improve your law firm marketing efforts so you can start funneling the leads of people who are already searching for your practice areas to the front door of your law firm?

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