How to Maximize Your Social Media Ad Impact In Three Easy Steps

Chances are likely that if you’re reading this, you don’t need to be sold on the “why social media marketing is important” spiel. And that’s great. By simply embracing paid social media advertising as a valuable marketing channel, you’re already way ahead of the game when it comes to digital marketing. Now it’s time to talk about how you can get the most out of your social media paid ads. And that’s a bit more complicated.

Keep in mind, social media marketing is appealing to business owners for, above all else, its two key inherent attributes: it’s fast and it’s easy. Unfortunately, when it comes to effectively marketing the products and services your business offers, you need to do a little better than “fast and easy”. Heck, printing up a stack of flyers and sticking them on random windshields in the supermarket parking lot would be a fast and easy tactic as well. But that doesn’t mean it’ll get you results.

Sure, you might get a phone call or two out of it. But chances are that most of your “audience” is going to toss your flyer. To some degree, that’s what’s happening when you take the fast and easy route on social media. Without a coherent strategy in place, you’re wasting your time and your resources for what will likely be little to no return on your investment.

So before you start blowing your social media ad budget on passers by who’ll never become customers, take the time to establish goals and put a plan together to achieve them. Remember, if done correctly and strategically, paid social media advertisements should be producing some of the highest ROI out of your digital marketing. If they’re not, it’s time for a change. Here are three ways to get the most out of your paid social media advertising.

Get the Targeting RIGHT

I see a lot of targeting that’s too general. You can’t sell watches just by targeting people that like watches. Think about your ideal customer. What do they like? What’s their income? Drill down on your perfect customer and target them. You’re serving your ads to a sea of potential customers; use hooks that get the big fishes. The Facebook pixel is your friend in this. The data it collects on traffic to your website is the workhorse for your targeting…if it’s set up correctly, that is.

Make Your Copy SELL

You may only have a second or two to hook a lead and that’s not enough time for a full on elevator pitch. Keep it simple and tell your audience what you’re going to do for them. What are you offering that is going to solve this user’s problem? It’s not enough to say your law firm has 20+ years of experience. Spell it out: How much money have you recovered for your clients? Give your audience something that’s going to stand out, set you apart from the competition, and actually draw a reaction.

Make Your Creative WOW

What do we mean by this? It’s simple. As people scroll endlessly down their social media newsfeeds, you need something that is going to stand out, pause the scrolling, and actually trigger a response. You’ll want to spend some time on this with your design team as the execution of it is a bit more complex than the principle. For instance, you could certainly grab a user’s attention with eye-catching graphics, but unless that flash is paired with a great pitch, you won’t be getting the sale.

So before you launch your next social media campaign, slow down and take these three steps into consideration. Find your audience, discover what they care about, and deliver it (repeat as necessary). By taking the time to strategically craft your social media campaigns, you’ll start seeing better returns on your advertising investments and more conversions. And if you ever need a hand, our team is standing by to assist.