Feeling That Afternoon Slump? 11 Music Selections to Help You Stay Productive

So it’s 2 pm and your brain is starting to dry up. You used up all of your good ideas around 10:30 and now you’re struggling. We’ve all been there. That is why we polled the Timmermann Group marketing agency, to bring you this list of music recommendations for when you feel yourself beginning to drag and need a boost of productivity and inspiration. Check it out!

The Far Field, Future Islands

“Future Islands is my favorite band. This is their newest album and it’s so perf, notably ‘Ran’ and ‘Cave’”

Jason Kanzler // UI / UX Designer

Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Cliff Martinez

“There’s nothing quite as effective as getting you into the productive mode as blasting some French electronic and pretending you’re driving down a long road when you’re just on the long road of number crunching.”

Claire Virden // Data Strategist

Kind of Blue, Miles Davis

“The simple mellow baselines help balance me out when I’m stressing about a project or dealing with complicated information. It doesn’t hurt that it’s widely considered one of the greatest jazz albums of all time, either.”

Joe Ewing // Interactive Art Director

In Colour, Jamie xx

“While Jamie Smith might be best known for his work with the band, the xx, his first full-length outing as a solo artist is not to be missed. In Colour really showcases Jamie Smith’s abilities as a composer and a producer, featuring plenty of bangers that will push you through any difficult project you might be stuck on. ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ and ‘Gosh’ are two personal favorites.”

Shawn Baldwin // Digital Production Assistant, Copywriter

Classic Punk

“There’s a playlist on Spotify called Classic Punk that does the trick for me. The Stooges to Joy Division to Fugazi and everything in between. That’s the music that I listen to whenever I need to just get it done and still have fun. It keeps me moving.”

Sara Sparrow // Lead Project Manager, SEO Specialist, and Photographer

Time Out, The Dave Brubeck Quartet

“When I was in elementary school my parents bought me the Smithsonian Anthology of Jazz greats. I play the saxophone, so I was naturally drawn to John Coltrane and Paul Desmond. Coltrane’s tunage is more of a religious experience (even pre-pubescent Bronwyn got that), but Desmond’s sax-ing is perfect background music. Add in Brubeck and the rest of the boys and you get fantastic creativity-inspiring sounds. I used to listen to the album on repeat all through middle school and high school when reading for English class. Certain bars and melodies take me back to the exact sentences I was reading in 2003. Now, I flip on the Brubeck and it automatically triggers a fifth-gear style focus. I only use it when I’m in a tremendous copywriting crunch because I don’t want to abuse the power of the saxy-jazz.”

Bronwyn Ritchie // Digital Strategy Manager

Bob Dylan

“Truthfully, when I really need to focus, I put my earbuds in but with no music. But if I am wanting to be inspired, rather than focused: Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Hayes Carll, Bob Dylan, Jason Isbell, Band of Horses, The National, The Ramones, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Debbie Gibson. Seriously, I had been arguing for years that Dylan should be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature – never actually thinking it would happen. Then it happened. I have always been more of a lyrics guy than a music guy, and I think he is the most amazing lyricist of all time. Even the songs that I don’t really understand!

Cory Schaefer // Account Manager

Sting & The Police

“Sting’s music is usually calm enough to get work done but also stylish enough to have on for a few hours at one time.”

Danyal Timmermann // Human Resources & Client Relations

Jurassic Park (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), John Williams

“I usually listen to the score from Jurassic Park by John Williams during every new website build. Jurassic Park is my favorite movie, so it helps me put myself in a state of mind that makes me comfortable. Also, it’s John Williams.”

Erik Brolaski // Web Developer & QA Specialist

Mare, Christian Löffler

“I like Mare by Christian Löffler lately. It’s easy to work to ambient techno and I find myself letting it play on loop more often than not.”

Megan Grothman // Account Manager