Customizing Stock for Quick & Easy Graphics

In the digital age of visual stimuli and short attention spans, graphics are everything! But not everyone has the time or budget for original photography or illustration. This is where provided stock images can save the day. Stock photos have been taken by professionals you didn’t have to hire, with all the signs of a great photo (well framed, a talented model, and overall quality) that contribute credibility to your business. Stock illustrations are available in a menagerie of styles, without the infinite back-and-forth between you and a graphic design artist. Combining a little creativity and some Photoshop skills, you can transform a stock photo into something of value that’s customized specifically to your business’s needs.

Create Personalization

Let’s say you run an auto repair shop. You need a quality photo of a mechanic for your website, but your cell phone doesn’t take great photos and your employees’ Facebook pictures certainly won’t cut the mustard. “It needs to be high-res! It needs to look professional!” your marketing team says, but you don’t have the time or money to hire a professional photographer. Fear not! Your designer can find a stock photo of a mechanic, and with a few minutes in Photoshop can customize his uniform and incorporate your business’s logo, resulting in a great personalized photo of a friendly mechanic to represent your brand.

Promote Awareness

Another example, in which stock photos are used, is customizing product photos. Maybe you run a brewery and need some photos of people drinking your beer. Your social media specialist has informed you that tomorrow is National Drinking-Beer-On-A-Boat-At-Sunset Day and it’s a great opportunity to promote your brand. That’s fantastic, but you don’t have time for professional product photos and, unfortunately, you don’t have a boat. Dun-da-duh-tam! Photoshop to the rescue! Stock photos of people enjoying beer are relatively easy enough to find. All you need is for your designer to add your label to the beer bottles, and then you have a visually stimulating photo promoting your brand for this tremendous holiday.

Advance Print Jobs

Stock websites also offer a plethora of vector illustrations. Vector graphics are images
defined by shapes, points, and fancy computer math, as opposed to the pixels you might be more familiar with. They can be scaled up infinitely without becoming pixelated and may be required for certain print jobs. Imagine you run a yoga studio and you’ve decided to be a sponsor for your local breast cancer awareness walk. You and your class would love to show your support for the cause by wearing t-shirts with the breast cancer awareness ribbon. The screen printers have told you the design needs to be a vector illustration, but making vector graphics from scratch can be quite tedious. This is no problem since you can find some stock vector illustrations that match your existing brand style and combine them to quickly create a new, creative t-shirt graphic.

Tight Budget and Schedule? We got this.

Customizing stock photos to your company’s unique personality gives you a great ROI when you don’t have a lot of time or money to invest. Our team of expert designers are professionals at creating powerful imagery and visuals for your business, considering differing time restraints and financial positions. Our minds process as problem solvers, and we will work with your marketing budget to provide an original and individualized brand experience.

At Timmermann Group, we work to advance your business to the next level. We do this by understanding the personality and values of your company, then creating content that excites, enlightens, and engages customers with your company or brand promise. Presenting your logo and brand message across multiple marketing platforms creates brand recognition, but can also be pricey. We can develop memorable visuals, using our own custom photography, to bring your company’s name to the forefront of the customers’ mind when making purchasing decisions- directly resulting in a positive ROI.

We understand that every company is unique, and we want YOU to succeed. Contact our team for advice on whether stock photography can be modified to achieve your company’s goals. It could be the best spent 10 minutes in your busy day today, to save you time and money tomorrow.