5 Manufacturing Marketing Ideas You’ll Wish You Thought of First

If you’re finding it difficult to get a grasp on digital marketing for your manufacturing company, you’re not alone. Finding the right digital marketing angles that will effectively reach your customers can be challenging. For this reason, a lot of manufacturing marketers are reluctant to embrace digital marketing strategies and will stick with more traditional marketing methods that have stood the test of time. And while there’s nothing wrong with these tried-and-true tactics, it’s important to diversify your marketing efforts and resources into new channels as well.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to a company’s digital marketing tactics. And this is especially applicable in the case of B2B operations like manufacturers whose target audiences are typically much smaller and more precise as compared to a B2C company.

Digital marketing for manufacturers is about more than just building a website and throwing up an occasional post on social media. It’s about developing custom digital strategies to increase your company’s brand awareness, reach untapped clients, and ultimately drive sales.

But how do we do that? Here are a few starting points…

Educational Blog Posts

You’ve likely heard the Internet-age adage “Content is Key”. That holds true today and the application of it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But we’re going to take it a step further and say that “Content Marketing is Key”. Someone in your company (or several people) should be producing engaging, informative, and sharable content on at least a semi-regular basis. Use this content to boost brand awareness for your company. When it comes to content marketing, your goal shouldn’t be to explicitly tell your audience that you’re an industry leader or that your products are top-notch. Your goal should be to provide insightful and educational information about your industry as a whole and let the reader recognize you as such. Instead of blogging specifically about your company, blog about industry trends and opportunities. Offer your expertise and insight on what industry insiders are talking about and what’s on the horizon.

Comparison Guides

When it comes to differentiating your product from that of your competitor, a clear and easy to follow comparison guide may be just what you need. Your customers are likely shopping around and doing their own research in terms of which products to buy. Why not save them the time and effort and present what they’re looking for all in one spot. Just like content marketing in general, this isn’t the place to aimlessly rain praise on your own saleable commodities (or put down those of your competitors, for that matter). Instead, you’re lending a hand to your customers and prospective customers by openly and honestly laying out the differences between two similar products or services.

Create Instructional Videos

How are you communicating the value of your products on your website and social media? If you’re relying on a photo with a block of copy, chances are you’re missing the mark. Conveying the unique features and functionality of your products with nothing more than a few online paragraphs can be tricky–virtually impossible in some instances. Too many details and you’ll overwhelm your reader. Too few and you’ll confuse them even more. The solution is to utilize custom videos to showcase the ease and superiority of your products. Quick and simple is the key. As video becomes cheaper and easier to implement, many marketers and content creators are migrating toward a predominantly–or even exclusively–video-based platform. Stay ahead of the industry trend and implement a strategic instructional video campaign to promote your products.

Targeted Email Marketing

A targeted email marketing strategy should be part of every manufacturing marketing plan. And if it’s not part of yours already, it’s not too late to start. While it would certainly be easy to just blast your entire client list with a quarterly newsletter and call it a day, a strong email marketing initiative goes much deeper. A good process for your manufacturing email marketing is to segment your distribution lists as much as possible to ensure that you are hitting each one of your customers and potential customers with the most applicable messaging. Consider implementing a welcome email with a special introductory offer to new clients. Or a valued customer letter and offer to your most frequent clients. Adding a personal and thoughtful touch to your every one of your email marketing campaigns will yield a stronger open and conversion rate and drive sales.

Strategic Pay-Per-Click Advertising

As hard as you may try, it can be awfully difficult to organically rank at or near the top of a Google search for every keyword phrase. However, there is a way to put your business’s site right at the top Google’s search listings today if you so chose: Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC). By bidding on keywords related to your manufacturing industry in Google Ads, you can secure the prime “above-the-fold” real estate on Google’s first page and in front of people who are actively searching for products and services. Mind you, PPC is a pay-per-click agreement (they click, you pay) and without a specific and planned out strategy, you risk burning through your entire budget without getting anything in return. If you’re new to PPC we highly suggest partnering with an agency that can walk you through the best practices and ensure that you’re getting the most for your advertising dollars.